Singapore’s Double 11 (11.11) Undisputed Champion

  In a year of 12 months, there are public holidays, there are festivals and then there are days where the only thing to get us pass the long week is to look forward to sale events, expos and conventions. Such is the life of many in Singapore. Optimism that the next week would be … Continue reading Singapore’s Double 11 (11.11) Undisputed Champion

Shopping Taobao in English with 65daigou!

65daigou EZbuy

Feeling annoyed when you can't find the right Chinese character to search your item in Taobao? Ever faced the sticky situation of paying unwanted high shipping fees? Well, we heard you and have just the right thing for you. So say goodbye to all your hassles and worries! It all started in 2009… Many smart shoppers … Continue reading Shopping Taobao in English with 65daigou!