Taobao Home Renovation Fair

When it comes to purchasing, renovating and the furnishing of a new house, nothing is more complicated than the uncertainty stemming from the lack of experience in the field of home renovations and interior design.

Horror stories of home-owners left stranded, without a house when contractors sub-contract their jobs out to new companies and inexperienced laborers causing measurements to be greatly mis-read of mis-taken. Really unlucky home-owners will find themselves in a situation of standing in the middle of a half-renovated home when the contractors go bust. For those lucky avoid situations like this, they find themselves being fleeced by the interior designers offering them lux furniture which looked like it was made in casa di italia but was in fact, made in Selangor or Johor Bahru.

Such are the cases that an outcry for a simple one-stop shop for home-renovation solution was heard. So, we responded.

For years, ezbuy challenged the norm, disrupted the last-mile industry. With more than 230 collection points in Singapore, ezbuy has amassed a huge following and long queues throughout the island. This week, ezbuy is ready to disrupt yet another industry – the renovation and furnishing industry.

Cue, ezbuy Home Furnishing Fair from 24th Jan to 6th Feb 2017

ezbuy Home Renovation Fair

Customers, through ezbuy gains access to nearly 1 billion products available on Taobao at discounted prices. Access to categories like furnishing, lighting, bathroom, bedding, kitchen, storage etc. Coupled with ezbuy’s revolutionary PRIME membership which allows customers to ship their shopping to Singapore for a flat rate of only $2.99; there is no reason to shop for furnishing elsewhere!

Prime ezbuy

Not familiar with ezbuy and shopping on Taobao for furnishing?

Through ezbuy, interior designers offer consultancy for Taobao Furnishing at a marginal fee which is waived when taking up their special renovation packages starting as low as S$6,888!

Taobao Home Furniture Fair

Not sure how Taobao furnishing will look in your current or new home?

Pick any of furniture you find from our Home Furniture Concept Store and then let our 3D drafting partners render your house for you at a price 1/3 of what it costs outside, only through ezbuy!

Taobao Home Furniture Fair
Taobao Home Furniture Concept in 3D Render
  1. Marble Wallpaper – S$5.12 
  2. Tivoli Coffee Table – S$40
  3. Encased Pendant Light – S$62.22
  4. 8x Frame Set – S$42
  5. Dining Table – S$310.89
  6. Sofa – S$392.71

Finally, your products arrive and you have not the slightest clue how to assemble or fix your purchase up. If you are excited but yet flustered that the instructions are illegible or incomprehensible, then select from any of our handyman service provider to save your time and hassle! Gone are the days where receiving your purchased furniture is like receiving a box of lego without instructions. Free Handyman voucher giveaway here!

Taobao Home Furniture Fair

So, kick back, shop your furniture and ship it to Singapore with PRIME, arrange for a handyman and voila! You have your purchase well in working order without having to strain your back.

Ezbuy Furniture Store

Be sure to also check out our Facebook share and win contest where you can win yourself up to $2600 worth of vouchers alongside some fantastic prizes like a HUGE lounging beanbag, neck pillows, card holders and more!!

New to ezbuy? Collect your Free $10 voucher and shop for free today!

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