6 Gorgeous and Cheap Interior Design Ideas for Everyone (Taobao Edition)

The second nightmare that comes after planning for your big wedding night will be building your nest. It can be an exciting, yet exhausting journey; from sourcing of furniture, liaising with contractors, to actually making things happen. Here, we curate 6 hottest and yet timeless interior design styles – one of which will bound to suit your palette!

What’s more exciting is, these can be shipped to you at $2.99 with Prime + we have partnered with our trusty handyman firm to save you the trouble from assembling them yourself!

Style 1: Scandinavian

The Scandinavian interior decor is often built upon light wood flooring & simplistic, but functional items. Despite being characterized by the 5 Nordic countries in the 1950s, it still remains as one of the most popular interior design styles that people yearn for up till today. If you haven’t had the chance to experience the Nordic culture, how about bringing Nordic vibes to your home? Browse Scandinavian collection here

1. Nordic Wood Bed Frame with Leather Bedhead – $845.22
2. Nordic Wood Table with Marble Top – $234.78
3. Wood Frame L-shaped Sofa Bed – $343.48
4. Tivoli Table – $39.13

Style 2: Pastel

Sorry boyfriends/ fiances/ husbands who’re not into cutesy candy-houses. Girls, and better yet, guys who’d shout for unicorns, glitters and candies – these are made for you! Browse more Pastel collection here

1. Animated Pastel Prints Bed Sheet – $34.35
2. Cloud shaped LED light – $36.74
3. Alphabet LED light – $21.52
4. Unicorn Plushie Head Decor – $21.52

Style 3: Minimalist

If you can live Muji and breathe Muji, you’d do it? Then these minimalist, clean and stylish furnishings are calling for you! Browse Minimalist collection here

1. Hexagon Ceiling Lamp – $43.04
2. Geometric Iron Bed Frame – $231.78
3. Classic Soft Leather Sofa – $163.04
4. Geometric Glass Terrarium – $7.74
5. Marble Clock – $40.87

Style 4: Industrial Chic

For those who can’t get enough of vintage & rustic vibes; chrome, brass & grayish hues, cemented floors, etc… Browse more Industrial Chic collection here

1. Industrial Iron Bed Frame – $253.09
2. Vintage Pipe – $39.13
3. Brass Geometric Drop-down Lamp – $27.39
4. Gear Wall Decor – $4.78
5. Cement-like Loft TV Console – $43.48

Style 5: Modern Contemporary

Are you naturally drawn to a nice blend of classic leather & modern wood in geometric shapes? Browse Modern Contemporary collection here

1. Geometric Coffee Table – $126.09
2. Iron Grid Frame – $14.78
3. Customized Alphabet LED Display – $27.83
4. Paris Canvas Frame – $18.48
5. Reindeer Mounted Decor – $27.39

Style 6: Eclectic

Eclectic decors are bright, quirky & pop. People who are into such styles aren’t afraid to be different. Go ahead and be unapologetic-ally, you. Browse Eclectic collection here

1. Geometric Brass Coffee Table – $77.83
2. Quirky Print Cabinet – $21.74
3. Little Sparrow Glass Display Jar – $6.50
4. Bohemian Print Cushions – $9.78
5. Metal Rim Foldable Glass Frame – $0.41

Can’t get enough of these pretty furniture & decors? Explore the entire collection here!

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