Taobao 11.11 was “WANT WANT”, 12.12 is now “WANT TO”…

Like every great movie, a sequel follows. Because good things do not always need to come to an end. Ask Vin Diesel about Fast and Furious series, ask Sony about James bond and even
Fox studios about The Simpsons. Good things do not have to end, ergo -following a hugely successful and popular 11.11- we present 12.12.

Often viewed as an event drawing its roots from 11.11, 12.12 is an event on its own. Taobao merchants rally behind customers to give fantastic deals and offer for customers to try their wares, majority of the discounts above 50%. This event definitely holds its own, when compared with 11.11.

Taobao 12.12 Sale

Missed out on the offer for 11.11? Return to the link you saved on 11.11 and you will most likely be rewarded with the same promotion, if not even better at times. ezbuy is proud to be your partner for 12.12, rewarding you as you spend with us.

Fancy something but worried about the shipping fee? Sign-in daily with eCoins and exchange a Prime voucher to enjoy $2.99 unlimited shipping!

Prime $2.99 Unlimited Shipping 

Prime Wishlist makes a jubilant return. Annual Prime members can wish up to 12 items to be included in PRIME and our little 12.12 angels will grant you your wish. Huddle together at a family dinner or a gathering with friends to have your items wished.

Taobao 12.12 end year sale

What is Prime? PRIME is an exclusive flat rate shipping membership which entitles you to unlimited shipping of products from ezbuy at only S$2.99!

Shipping a chair from Taobao may cost $40+, but if you are using our Prime service, that will be S$2.99 shipping fee. Regardless any weight, any size, any quantity, it’s a flat rate of S$2.99. Yes, regardless of quantity, 10 pieces or 100 pieces, shipping fee is only $2.99 per prime checkout!

Not a Prime member? Get Free Prime Voucher with our eCoins daily login and check-out at $2.99 on 1212!

Grab Up to $300+ Cash Off Vouchers

Did we mention that there are more than $300 worth of vouchers to be collected for 12.12? Yes, we are putting the money where our mouths are and walking the talk! Cash off vouchers allow you to purchase already heavily discounted items at an even greater discount. Collect all the cash off vouchers early and maximize your savings by using them to the fullest.

Taobao 12.12 end year sale
$62 off $88 – In another word, you only need to pay $26 while we absorb $62 for you! 

Cash off vouchers are given away across all shopping categories. We guarantee that our cash back vouchers will give the best cashback credit cards in Singapore a run for its money. Start collecting all your vouchers now, use them by 12.12 to shop till you drop.

Influencer’s Hot Picks

Let’s face it, not everyone is the Martha Stewart of their families. Gift ideas don’t appear in our heads as easily and naturally. Buying gifts for your loved ones are as difficult as threading a needle whilst cycling on a unicycle whilst being on another unicycle. Cue, ezbuy’s  influencer’s hot picks.

This one-stop destination brings your favourite social influencers by your side while you shop, recommending you items as though they are shopping right beside you. Each influencers will review and recommend products of their choice to give your gift brain a break.

Taobao Influencer's Hot Pick

Check out some of our Influencer’s Hot Pick collection under our 12.12 page, more product reviews coming in soon too!  

Free Agent Fee

Starting from 12th December to 13th December, enjoy all our value-added service (Order inspection, Repacking, Order Consolidation and after-sales) for free once more!

And So Much More….

To sum up, ezbuy 12.12 end year promotion offers you none lesser than 11.11. ‘Top-up & Win’ & ‘Add-to-cart & Win’ Giveaways, attractive Early Bird Package, Flash Deals, Friends Deals and many more all awaits you.


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