Singapore’s Double 11 (11.11) Undisputed Champion


In a year of 12 months, there are public holidays, there are festivals and then there are days where the only thing to get us pass the long week is to look forward to sale events, expos and conventions. Such is the life of many in Singapore. Optimism that the next week would be better than the last is a rhetorical conundrum.

There is hope however, that a few days in the year gives justification to get through the daily grind. And we, at ezbuy, are proud to be a part of these few days.

Once a year on the 11th of November, the whole of China, along with millions of other internet users in East Asia rally their wallets in keen anticipation for the best deals made available to them through e-commerce. This event has no equal in its likes and honestly –it makes black Friday look paltry. This day is known is the singles day.

So, we are in the month of November and the weight wait for 11.11 is almost over.

Taobao 11.11 2016

There are many irrefutable reasons why shopping on 11.11 through ezbuy is better than shopping on Taobao themselves.

Prime $2.99 Unlimited Shipping 

Prime Wishlist is back and ezbuy is your Christina Aguilera. Wish up to 20 items to be included in PRIME and we, the genie in the bottle, will grant these wishes for you. Huddle together at a family dinner or a gathering with friends to have your items wished.

Taobao 1111 Prime

A special celebration awaits our cumulative target of 500,000 wishlist entries!

What is Prime? PRIME is a yearly subscription program which entitles you to unlimited shipping of products from your favorite sites at only S$2.99. Shipping a chair from Taobao may cost $40+, but if you are using our Prime service, that will be S$2.99 shipping fee. Regardless any weight, any size, any quantity, it’s a fixed S$2.99 shipping fee.

Not a Prime member? Get Free Prime Voucher with our eCoins daily login and check-out at $2.99 on 1111!

Free Shipping + Free Agent Fee

If you find $2.99 international shipping fee (not even close in getting a frappuccino from Starbuck) expensive, then here’s a S$0 for your 1st kg shipping for you! Only happening on 11st Nov, enjoy Free shipping for your 1st KG and 20% discount for every subsequent 500gm

As cliché as “Lowest Price Guaranteed”; ezbuy 11.11 promotion will save you up to 40% compared to other Taobao forwarders and we are extremely proud of it.

ezbuy 1111 promotion

At ezbuy, we provide you with a set of value-added services to give you the best overseas shopping experience. This includes, but are not limited to – Order inspection, Repacking, Order consolidation and after-sales service. All these convenience at no cost. Enjoy FREE AGENT FEE.

Grab Up to $300+ Cash Off Vouchers

Okay. Now we got your shipping fee covered, and all the necessary value-added services taken care of. What’s next? Believe it or not, on top of the already discounted products, we are throwing Cash Off Vouchers to everyone just to shop with us on 11.11!

Cash Off Voucher ezbuy 1111
$62 off $88 – In another words, you only need to pay $26 while we absorb $62 for you! 

Crazy as it seems, there are more than S$500 worth of vouchers to be given away across all categories. Much better than any cashback program in Singapore. Start collecting all your vouchers now, then think how you can use them all later.

And So Much More….

To sum up, ezbuy 11.11 promotion offers you Free Prime $2.99 Shipping, Free Agent Fee, Free Shipping, Free Cash Vouchers, Chance to win iPhone 7, 90% Flash Deals, Giveaways on FaceBook & Instagram, ‘Top-up & Win’ & ‘Add-to-cart & Win’ Giveaways, Best Sellers and collections Sales Zone.

SEE YOU ON 11th NOVEMBER, FRIDAYezbuy 11.11 Promotion

New to ezbuy? Collect your Free $10 voucher and shop for free today!

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