What is so special about Taobao 11.11?

The very day everyone has been waiting for…

TAOBAO 11.11 2016 IS HERE!

Also known as Singles Day, coming 11.11.2016, Taobao will unleash its 24-hour SALES fury! You won’t feel that lonely anymore, with that mouse in your hand.

Taobao 11.11

Why shop from Taobao?

Everyone knows what a shopping haven Taobao is. If you are new to Taobao, let me put it simply for you. You can find wider range of products at lower cost compared to shopping locally because you are shopping your product directly from the country of origin, bypassing importers, wholesalers and retailers who usually mark up the overall pricing of the products.

65daigou Taobao

Most Taobao-holics are now facing the “Everything also buy from Taobao” syndrome, it is that addictive!

So… What is so special about Taobao Double 11 (11.11) Sales?

Do you know how people go crazy during GSS because retail stores start slashing their prices?

Well, similarly, 11.11 is the time  where China vendors slash THEIR prices.

On top of the freakin’ low product cost, Taobao’s vendors will be slashing their price by another half during this shopping festival! Most sellers will also provide clearance sales with 50% discounts, 60% discounts and all the way up to 90% discounts on 11.11. If you want to shop on 11.11, be sure to be fast because all products will be selling like hotcakes!

How big is China’s Single Day Sales event?

If you think GSS (Great Singapore Sale) is awesome, wait till you shop with us this coming 11th Nov. This 11.11 sales event is the combination of Cyber Monday and Black Friday, with steroids…

Taobao 11.11 2016 Revenue

Everything will be so cheap to the extent you’ll begin to question everything. Scratch that, I already think the current price is mad cheap. But on 11.11, all the jaw-dropping deals are as legit as it gets.

To put things into perspective, here’s the price point of a few hot selling products BEFORE the craziest 11.11 sales – you can only imagine what how it will be priced on 11.11.

Items [Left to Right]:
1. Criss Cross Maxi Dress – $8.48
2. White Off-shoulder Top$4.33
3. Off-shoulder Midi Bodycon$17.17
4. Floral Flare Dress$3.89

Items [Left to Right]:
1. Black Graphic Tee – $14.13
2. Korean Summer Slim Shorts$11.96
3. Cotton Jogger Pants – $19.35
4. Long Sleeve Basic Shirt – $19.13

Items [Left to Right]:
1. Geometric Loft Lamp$6.30
2. Nordic Ceramic Plate$0.85
3. Copenhagen Matte Lamp$6.52

We will be expecting another 50% ~ 90% off branded products such as Xiaomi, Haoduoyi and many other popular brands across ALL categories.


Aside from the millions of discounted products, we will be unveiling our very own promotions soon! Free agent fee, free shipping, free vouchers, exciting products to giveaway… Just be assured that our promotion will ‘be the very best that no one ever was’. Oh, what a good time to be alive!

While we’re on it, here are some of our core service and value-added services – which explains why shopping with us on 11.11 is the right choice.

Why shop with ezbuy on 11.11?

65daigou Taobao 11.11Ease of communication
Is Chinese your weak spot? ezbuy is here to ease your entire shopping experience! Just place your orders, sit back & relax! We will be contacting the sellers from Taobao on your behalf for any special instructions of your orders. No more ‘chicken and duck talks’ and hassles of multiple liaising with sellers.

Inspection, Repacking and Consolidationblog-c-2
Having your orders inspected in China before shipping out to Singapore, ezbuy gives you a peace of mind and a hassle free shopping experience. ezbuy also consolidates and repacks your parcels in the most economical way which helps to save up to 60% shipping fee!

65daigou ShippingCheaper shipping rates with variety of shipping methods
ezbuy offers the best international rates ever in Singapore, check out our shipping rate here. From Air to Sea shipping methods, we provide you with the flexibility to choose; Air shipment for small and urgent items while Sea shipment for bulky items.

On-time shipment guarantee and policies65daigou Taobao
Get protected everywhere. With our coverage and policies, ezbuy gives our customers the full confidence that they will receive their parcel on time especially during such mega shopping season. ezbuy is one of the shopping agent who provide the best shipment guarantee, offering 30% compensation for just 1 day of shipment delay. So rest assured that your parcels are well-protected in good hands.

All these valued-added services give you the piece of mind, especially during such a massive event like 11.11!  With free agent fee, we’re practically enjoying these services for free!

Taobao 11.11 2016

Be warned that items sell out almost instantaneously, so be fast! Do stick around while we reveal the best of the best, of the best Taobao promotions details. Yes, we will make sure ours will be the best. See you on 11th November!

New to ezbuy? Collect your Free $10 voucher and shop for free today!

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