Why shopping Taobao via ezbuy… is a better choice

Why should I use their service to ship my Taobao hauls? What do they offer and what is the catch of using their service?

Shopping Taobao with ezbuy

Shopping Taobao should be an easy and fun experience! Yet, certain risks and hassle of using Taobao Direct / Forwarders will eventually make shopping difficult and cause you to think twice  from shopping on Taobao again. However, with ezbuy, your Taobao shopping experience will be rather… addictive~ 

1. Say bye-bye to Google Translation

From searching for products and making payments, making enquiries or to contacting their Customer Service Team, everything is in ENGLISH! Shopping from ezbuy platform is so easy… Even shoppers from both Malay and Indian community are already using ezbuy’s services!

2. Faster, cheaper, more convenient shipping

Faster: ezbuy is by far the only platform to have 2 warehouse in China. Having a warehouse in Shanghai and the other in Guangzhou, each in close proximity to the shops most shoppers buy from, ezbuy has been able to ship items faster and you in turn, can receive your item quicker! Not forgetting, shoppers can also opt for express air, 1~2 days shipment!

Cheaper: Best shipping rate in Singapore! With no based charges and lower shipping rate, you are able to enjoy up to 30% more savings on shipping fee as compared to any other Taobao forwarders! If you’re not racing against time, opt for sea shipping to enjoy even greater savings!

Don’t even get us started on our Prime subscription. Regardless of the items’ total quantity, weight or size, the total international shipping fee is S$2.99 per checkout for (>1 million) Prime eligible items. There’s no limit on how many items you can check-out at one time.

We’ve got people shipping in sofas, bed frames, sinks and even… a 11-seater golf cart. ONLY $2.99.

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More convenient: Did you know that there is a long list of items that we’re actually not allowed to buy from Taobao direct because they only do air shipping? Here’s when our sensitive shipping option will save the day!

To name a few:

  • Bulky items e.g. Furniture, Golf Carts (needless to say), etc.
  • Branded products e.g. Adidas NMDs, Xiaomi Air(s), etc.
  • Magnetic products which may cause interference to aircrafts e.g. Air purifiers
  • Fragile items e.g. Nail Polish

3. Inspect, repack & consolidate your parcels

Have you watch how China domestic courier mishandle the parcels? Fret not!

Inspection service helps to spot any visual defects or mistakes on your orders in our overseas’ warehouses before shipping them back to Singapore. This way, we will absorb the risk of shopping from unreliable or untrustworthy sellers or receiving any damaged products, giving you a peace of mind when shopping globally.

Unlike other forwarders, ezbuy offers repacking service to remove unnecessary weight so shoppers can save more!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

The repacking details are as follows-
4.8kg before repacking (Volumetric weight of original packaging)
1.3kg after repacking (Based on actual weight as actual > volumetric weight after repacking). That’s a 3.5kg reduction in shipping weight! 

The new repacked order will be consolidated with the rest of the customer’s orders. Witness how every parcel is stored neatly in our warehouse as compared to other Taobao forwarders.


4. Local Customer Support

We’ve heard of countless unfortunate experiences of Taobao direct users who tried to confront their seller due to loss of goods, defected goods, etc. The result? They eventually decided to not risk getting a high blood pressure, and gave up. Mind you, these encounters were by people who speak fantastic Chinese.

Here’s a hilarious story: A Taobao fan once ordered her parcel via Taobao direct. Despite the order status being updated as ‘Delivered’, she did not receive her parcels. Frantically, she went to contact the Taobao seller who insisted that her parcel have been delivered to her. After a few weeks of back-and-forth communication, the Taobao seller admitted that her parcel was shipped wrongly to Mongolia.

If you are those who do not have the patience of waiting, only found out that your parcel landing elsewhere, or, wouldn’t want to spend unnecessary time to follow up and monitoring your parcel, then leave all the hassle to ezbuy!

Same-same, but DIFFERENT!

Shopping on Taobao from ezbuy platform gives you the same wide variety of products at the same low product price. Only difference is you get to enjoy an easy, faster and cheaper shopping experience! What is the catch? A small service charge, or at times, even 0% service charge (free agent fee)!

Take a look at the comparison between Taobao direct/forwarder vs ezbuy service below

Taobao vs ezbuy

That’s a whole lot of convenience for $0.04 – $0.08 per dollar spent, or even Free of Charge with their recurrent Free Agent Free promotion! If the 30% cheaper shipping fee with all these value-added services are unable to convince you, well, I wouldn’t know what else could. 

Shopping Taobao using ezbuy makes sense the same way getting travel insurance makes sense. ‘You hope nothing goes wrong every time you buy that assurance, but the one time something happens, it’ll be more than worth it. Additionally, when nothing goes wrong, you still enjoy the personalised service from your local agent.’

Oh….. One last thing. Taobao 11.11 is coming, do stay tuned with us!!

New to ezbuy? Collect your Free $10 voucher and shop for free today!

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