Is shopping on Taobao really that SAFE?

Behind the scenes: Taobao shopping

Being a secure and safe shopper will make you think, is shopping from Taobao that reliable?

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you should have heard of Taobao. It’s literally an online shopping haven, which has anything and everything you can think of. It’s basically Qoo10 + IKEA + Muji + Blogshops + … combined.

If you’re those who shun away from it because… “Made in China”, here’s an advice. Not everything Made in China is of sub-par quality. Do a simple #taobao search on any social media platform and you’d see a wide array of proven quality AND CHEAP (I can’t emphasize this enough) items.

I mean, the very same off-shoulder top that you usually buy sets you back by at least $30. And it costs as low as $3 on Taobao!

The price point is so low because you are shopping directly from the country of origin, bypass importers, wholesalers and retailers who usually mark up the overall pricing of the products. Need a kick start? Check out our Taobao Guru Guide and you’ll be an expert in no time!

If you still, still reject the idea… What I can say is, you’re doing shopping wrong! Unless money falls from the sky in your world, of course.

Ezbuy Taobao Shopping

Yet, not all love story comes with a happy ending! Allow us to share some incidents shoppers faced when shipping their Taobao hauls back via Taobao Direct or Forwarders.

5 Risks of using Taobao Direct or Forwarders 

1. Expectation vs Reality

Everyone knows how frustrating to receive a “OMG” order after a long wait! According to our data, 11.56% of all our customer’s orders received daily are actually either wrong/ defective. Just refer to one of the examples below and you will understand.

What happens when there is no inspection service
Dude, all that space… is it for me to fit inside?

What’s more distressing is if you have paid a high shipping fee for your order (bigger or bulky items) but received it damaged!

You may think, “Easy peasy, just contact Taobao sellers about this and get a refund”. If you are dealing with them directly, it is not that simple. Taobao sellers will require you ship back these bulky items back to them before processing the refund. Return shipping fee? It may cost a bomb for you and it’s totally not worth it at all!

We’ve also heard stories from our customers who are proficient in their mandarin but still ‘vomit blood’ trying to deal with all the ‘亲s’ and trying to get their point across.

So… what’s causing all these damage?

2. Treat your parcels machiam like ‘Soccer ball’ 

Warning: The below images are very graphic and will be heartbreaking for Taobao-holics! 

Taobao forwarder mishandling

Well, we’re afraid to say that all Taobao sellers have to go through a local domestic courier before reaching to any forwarders. No doubt, some local domestic couriers are responsible and will handle parcels with care even during peak seasons. Sadly, some may not.

Taobao forwarder mishandling

Uncovers how some China domestic courier companies mistreat parcels during Taobao’s mega event 11.11 in 2015 here.

Receiving a wrong order or damaged parcel may be devastating already, but here comes more…

3. Unhygienic Courier Bags 

We’re always enthusiastic and extremely thrilled when it comes to unwrapping a parcel purchased from Taobao. But did you know the bacteria found on a courier bag from Taobao MAY COST YOUR LIFE?!

During the process of transiting the parcel from packaging, transportation, transit and delivery, the parcels are often piled on the ground or roads. Poor hygiene and logistics management could possibly cause contamination.

Not a laughing matter – here’s a few must-know fatal cases.

4. Hackers

Cyber attacks are a common case, to the point that we are getting complacent about it. In early 2016, a group of hackers managed to amass a vast database of 99 million usernames and passwords from a number of Chinese websites unrelated to Taobao, eventually discovered that a significant amount of the data matched active user accounts from Taobao!

Taobao Scam

Don’t wait until you’re one of these 20.59 million people who gets hacked before you start taking precautions.

5. Getting ‘Cancer’ from Chicken and Duck talks

There is a lot of time when we think we are good in something. Unfortunately, we are not. Here’s an epic conversation between a buyer and a Taobao seller. It all started off with “有大妈吗?”… …

Warning: Do not read this conversation in public, or you’ll end up looking all silly smiling at your smartphone.

If your mandarin is ‘half past six’, get someone else to do the communication and hassle for you.

No… We are not discouraging you to shop from Taobao…

You may be thinking, “AIYA… win liao lo, another marketing gimmick again”… Don’t get us wrong. Taobao is… and will always be… a paradise for all shoppers. But here is a smarter way to shop from Taobao! 

Wondering why some of your friends seem to be shopping on Taobao endlessly and with absolute ease? Click here to find out more how they are able to do it!

Shopping Taobao with ezbuy
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