ezbuy Quickguide: Making Payment

ezbuy’s payment platform is really way simpler than it seems. Let us break it down for you today!

For a start, you can think of your ezbuy account as a prepaid phone; there has to be value stored inside for you to be able to make calls. Likewise, you need balance in your account for you to proceed with your purchase.

If you’re familiar with our Flash Deals, having a prepay balance is really handy! That way, you can quickly grab the item you’ve been eyeing on before it gets snapped up by others! Fastest fingers first!

Pro tip: Account balance easily be withdrawn, so do not fret about over-crediting your ezbuy account!


Now, let’s begin with topping up your account:
1. Go to “My Account”
2. Click “My Payment”

To top-up your account, we accept 4 main modes of payment; Credit Card, Union Pay, iBanking, ATM transfer.


Credit Card & Union Pay will be a good method if you’re one of those people looking for convenience. Value will be credited into your account in real time, with no need for verification. For credit card:

1. Select transaction you would like to pay for

2. Select credit card tab

3. Indicate the amount you intend to transfer

4. Click “Next”

5. Fill up credit card details on the secured payment page

6. Click “Pay”

7. Payment is completed!


iBanking & ATM transfer will be an alternative to those who have time to spare. You can save on the 3% credit card transaction fees as well. If you belong to this group, do not be deterred by the verification process. It is actually really hassle-free if you follow these steps:

1. Select transaction you would like to pay for

2. Make the transfer to any of ezbuy’s bank account:
– DBS Current Account 054-903335-9
– OCBC Account 514-772680-001
– UOB Account 388-301-811-0

3. Note your transaction number while making the transfer

4. Submit form with above details

5. Click “I’ve completed transfer”

6. Sit back & await verification

7. You’ll receive a SMS upon successful verification


Are there still items sitting in your cart because you’ve been procrastinating your payment? We hope this guide have cleared your misconceptions about the payment platform. Cart out & make your payment today to enjoy your loots!


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