Affordable Children’s Day Gift Guide (Taobao edition)

Children’s Day was one of the best days for me in school. I was always particularly excited while heading to school on a Children’s Day. For one, we get multiple free periods to watch the Children’s Day performance! My schoolbag will also be filled with goodies bags and gifts when I get home later that afternoon. Life is awesome, I would think to myself.

If you’re looking to pamper your child this Children’s Day, check out these extremely wallet-friendly gift ideas from Taobao!

1. Legos

Legos are timeless! There’s this certain sense of accomplishment you can never experience elsewhere after completing an entire set. Check out a wide range of lego sets ($28) or these mini lego figurines ($0.75 – say what?!). Oh, and how can we leave out nanoblocks ($3.60)!


2. Playhouse

If a camping tent is too much of a hassle for your kids, how about a playhouse? Watch them build their very own fortress and fuel their imagination of being princes & princesses! Best part of it? It costs less than $10.


3. Musical Instruments

If you are still contemplating whether to send your kids for music classes, this ukelele ($8), violin ($7) or drum set ($40) may be a good gift to find out how passionate your kids are about it. Who knows, you may just uncover their secret talent!


4. Bedroom Accesories

Instill love for nature with this constellation star light ($8.40). Oh, lucky kids these days. Anyone remembers having to personally stick approximately 142 glow-in-the-dark stars on the room ceiling to enjoy such a view in the past?

And the pretty rainbow light projector ($8.60), it resembles the auroras! I’m hyperventilating.


5. Remote control car

Anybody wants a Lamborghini for $17? 😉



6. Electronics

Not forgetting some iPhone/iPad accessories for your IT-savvy kid.

Check out this awesome spycam remote control car ($38) your kid can control using his iPhone!



7. Outdoor Activities

Time for the kids to get out of the house! Eyes off the computer & tablets!

Affordable scooters ($28), bicycles ($21) or floats ($5) to play with at their next swimming session. For large, bulky items it will be advisable to use our Prime service; you can ship literally anything at $2.99 nett!


For more ideas, check out our Toys Collection page curated just for you! Happy shopping!






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