Taobao Products to Fight Zika (Prevention Guide)

Zika Taobao Products

Zika cases are on a rapid rise; it has hit 150 cases today since the first locally-transmitted case was detected just last week. Singapore being geographically smaller in size and densely populated, it can be hard to contain the spread of virus. While our government and environmental agency try their hardest to eliminate aedes mosquito breeding grounds, we should on our part take precautions as well.

These precautions should not be something we do only when an epidemic arises. Even when this situation is curbed successfully, safety measures should stay.

Joint pain
Conjunctivitis (red eyes)
Muscle pain


1. Avoid fragrances – They are known to attract mosquitoes, so avoid perfume, cologne, perfumed shampoos, hand creams, etc. during this period. It is okay if we all smell like insect repellent together.



2. Avoid exercising – Yes, avoid exercising. Exercising causes your body to do three things that will make it attract mosquitoes. When you breathe harder, more carbon dioxide is exhaled. When you swear, there is an increase in humidity and more lactic acid is released. Sweat will also attract mosquitoes naturally because they need water to reproduce and they are naturally attracted to areas with higher humidity levels.



3. Surround yourself with strong wind & bright lights – An air-conditioned room is one of the environments mosquitoes will avoid. An alternative will be to drape your bed with mosquito net ($19).

taobao bed mesh net


4. Use mosquito coil and/or insect repellent – Apply insect repellent or paste a mosquito patch. Experts also warn that mosquitoes transmitting Zika have the tendency to bite body parts closer to ground, so do not neglect your feet! Reapply every 4 hours if you’re outdoors. For parents, this insect repellent from taobao (Burt’s Bees) is baby friendly.

taobao baby friendly insect repellent


5. Cover up – Long sleeves and long pants is the way to go now. Warm it may be; perspiration is way better than the risk of getting infected. Athletes who always don on Spandex, be warned that mosquitoes can bite through the material.


6. Remove all stagnant water – Remove water from flower pot plates on alternate days. Turn over all water storage containers. Cover bamboo pole holders when not in use. Clear blockages and put BTI insecticide in roof gutters monthly.


Stock up on your mosquito kit supply from Taobao here! Let’s all take precaution and play our part in curbing this epidemic; not just for the present situation, but for the future as well.



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