ezbuy Quickguide: Shopping with ezbuy


Welcome to ezbuy, we are the biggest international shopping platform in Singapore. Our primary interest is to allow our customers to buy anything in the world easier, cheaper and faster.

Over the years, we have transform from just a international forwarder to a shopping platform offering huge variety of products and services.

Thousands of products are being added to our platform everyday, it’s not surprising if you are overwhelmed by the selections of product or unsure of what to buy? Here’s a few suggestions to make your shopping experience better!



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Finding Products
Search Bar

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Finding Products

ezbuy-wordpress-sub-banner1Method 1: Browse by categoryBrowse_Category.jpg

One simple way to find what you want is to browse by category.



ezbuy-wordpress-sub-banner2Method 2: Collection

Click in ‘View More’ to browse the full list of collections.Browse_Collections.jpgWe have a dedicated team to put together all the trending and popular products. Scroll down a little and you will notice this wonderful section.




ezbuy-wordpress-sub-banner7Method 3: Search Bar

For those who already have an idea of what to look for, jump straight into our wide variety of products by entering the keywords at the search bar.
Browse_Searchbar.jpgYou can also sort/filter the results according to your needs!

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What If The Item I want Can’t Be Found on ezbuy

You can use our Buy-For-Me service to buy products that are not inside our catalog.

Example 1: Taobao Product
Example 2: Amazon Product

Step 1: Copy the URL from Taobao product page


Step 2: Paste it in our search bar


Step 3: Add to cart



Step 4: Checkout

Note: Parcel Payment can only be determined after item arrives at our international warehouse.


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What is the ezbuy check box for?

At this point, some of you may be overly concerned or worried about the parcel charges which is common issue when using any international forwarding service.

However at ezbuy you can shop with peace of mind by checking the ezbuy option before adding to cart.


Shipping fees and any other parcel related payments will be shown at checkout page so you only need to make one single payment without worrying that the final product cost will vary too much due to shipping cost.

Just make sure the ezbuy option is ‘checked’


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ezbuy-wordpress-sub-banner5.jpgInternational Merchants that do not ship to Singapore

Saw something you like but unable to checkout because only USA credit cards are accepted or shipping cannot be made to Singapore?


You can also use our Buy-For-Me service for such products

Step 1: Copy URL from merchant’s product page


Step 2: Paste URL in our search bar


Step 3: Input additional info or coupon code

Note: Due to changes in merchant’s page, some information such as price or color will not be captured automatically. Simply input the missing info in the relevant field.tutorial

Step 4: Checkout under USA tab if item is from USA merchant

Note: Parcel Payment can only be determined after item arrives at our international warehouse.


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One thought on “ezbuy Quickguide: Shopping with ezbuy

  1. If the product I’m interested to buy not tagged as ‘ezbuy’ , is there any way to include it as ‘ezbuy’ so that I can enjoy the $2.99 shipping fee?

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