ezbuy Quickguide: Prime


Normally, shipping items such as air purifier would incur sky-high shipping cost that would easily offset the savings from the difference in product cost or worst, making it even more expensive than buying it locally.

So how do we make it happen?


Here is an actual breakdown of the cost of buying the latest model of MIUI air purifier


Notice the difference? That’s right the shipping fees for such a big item is only $2.99. Even if you increase the quantity to 10 or more it will still remain as $2.99

Is it a glitch? No absolutely not! It is our latest Prime membership.



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Getting Subscribe to Prime
Adding Prime Products to Checkout
Prime Wishlist – Adding Products to Prime List



Getting Subscribe to Prime

Step 1: Subscribe to Prime Membership

Click here to go to our Prime page

BuyPrime01.jpgLook for the orange tab right below, for a limited time only sign up for 1 month trial to get an experience of our Prime services.

BuyPrime02.jpgOnce confirmed, you should see this screen and you are ready to shop Prime!

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Adding Prime Products to Checkout

Step 2: Shop Prime products from our Prime section here

Step 3: Check/Tick Prime before adding to cart!


Step 4: Look for Prime Tab in your shopping cart


Step 5: Checkout with only $2.99 shipping fee

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Prime Wishlist – Adding Products to Prime List

What if the product i want isn’t available for Prime Checkout?

Don’t worry, we got you covered as well!

Step 1: Copy the URL of the merchant’s product page


Step 2: Paste it here in your Prime Wishlist


Step 3: Wait for Product to be approved


Step 4: Once Approved, Click on the product image to buy!


Step 5: Check/Tick Prime before adding to cart!


Voila! With unlimited $2.99 shipping and the ability to add any items into Prime wishlist, there’s simply no reason not to use Prime.


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ezbuy PRIME – Unlimited Shipping at only $2.99! Shop Taobao at a whole new level.



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