11 Fun Facts Taobao shoppers should know about PRIME

On the very day 65daigou re-brand to ezbuy, we launched PRIME service. Over hundreds of new Taobao shoppers are choosing PRIME daily – “Who else could resist the unlimited shipping at S$2.99 only?”

Here’re 11 fun facts you should know about ezbuy PRIME! 

1. We’re being called, “Market Spoilers”
Ezbuy Prime

There’re a few other forwarding companies called us questioning, “Why are we SPOILING THE MARKET?”. Giving more saving to our customers of course!

2. Cheaper than a plate of Chicken Rice

Shipping fee is usually based on actual or volumetric. With Prime, shipping fee is charged $2.99 per check-out, regardless Weight, Size, Quantity!


One member of the public, being skeptical, called in and threatened to file a report to the authorities for misleading advertising. Unlimited Shipping at $2.99 is real, he doesn’t believe it until he tried it on his own.

4. Is this “PRIME-ABLE”?

A few of our Customer Service Offices feedback that customers started to use “Prime” as a verb. “I have just Prime-ed my table…”, “This is item, Prime-able?”

5. More Purchases

On average shopper purchased 4 orders during each check out before Prime was introduced. After subscribing to Prime, their orders increased by 3 times, 12 orders per check out.

6. Heavier Parcels

On average, customers parcel weight is 3kg before Prime was introduced. After subscribing to Prime, their parcel weighs 7 times more, which is 21kg.

7. More Savings

On average, a typical parcel will cost S$74.8 in shipment fee. But with Prime, shoppers paid only $2.99 – saving them at least $72 in shipment fee for their first order. Based on our statistics, that’s an estimated of $432 savings with 1 year Prime subscription!


8. Ideal for New Home Owners

A new home owner just Prime-ed his home furniture recently. International shipping fee: S$2.99. Home delivery fee? S$8. Total savings from shipment fee = estimated $1289.75 based on his purchases.

9. Highest Record

Highest record by far  was 185 Prime orders shipped in a single parcel.

10. Millions of Prime products to Shop for

And that’s equivalent to 20 blog shops, 2 Singapore online furniture store and the entire stores in Orchard road combined together! We’re still adding in hundreds of new products every day, including USA branded products.

11. Every day is Black Friday

All discounted USA products are grabbed and placed into Prime. On top of the discounted product price, you can also enjoy more savings from the $2.99 unlimited shipping!

ezbuy Prime

If you’re still thinking, “What’s exactly is Prime?”, then you’re missing a whole lot!
Learn the wonders of Prime here.

Shop Prime and enjoy $2.99 unlimited shipping today!


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