How To Look Good Without Breaking Your Bank


Part 1:
Stand Out By Looking Different Everyday

Spread out your budget, aim to have a large collection rather than investing in branded and luxury goods. More often than not, you will be able to find quality clothing pieces from places like Taobao that offers reasonable quality and style which are comparable to H&M, Cotton-On and Forever 21.


Dress comfortably.

You are only confident as much as how comfortable you feel. Dress comfortably in the hot weather to look cool instead of overdressing and end up struggling to not look like you just finished a marathon.

Go basic.

Not sure what to begin with? Get essential pieces that are relevant to your daily activity, if you are a student go for the casual basics such as blouses, skirts and shorts. You can never own too many staple wear as the combination of mixing and matching is limitless!

Casual Lace-Up Top

Layering your clothes.

Allow even more combinations by adding layers. Start with your basic wear as the foundation and add on pieces such as sweater, cardigan or blazer for a more sophisticated look.

Song Hye Kyo’s light blue jacket as seen in DOTS.

Explore seasonal styles.

One of the most popular styles for this Spring Summer is the Pastel and Floral look. Mixing and matching soft pastel colors and casual floral pieces can bring out a really sweet look.

imageChloe Ting rocking Pastel Floral

Shop from ezbuy Collections.

We have a large collection ready for you to choose from clothes to shoes and accessories. The prices for each product can go as low as few dollars per piece.

Save even further on shipping fee!

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Not convinced? Here is how.

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