ezbuy PRIME – Unlimited Shipping at only $2.99! Shop Taobao at a whole new level.

ezbuy Prime

Looking for free shipping when shopping on Taobao? You’ve came to the right place.

On the very day 65daigou re-brand to ezbuy, we launched a new service. A service so great that change everyone’s thinking of overseas shopping. A service so irresistible that even we ourselves got addicted shopping every day in the office (Hope boss doesn’t read this).

ezbuy 65daigou

Only passed 3 weeks since it launched, we’ve received thousands of sign up and overwhelming response. Unsurprisingly, this service has begun to influence everyone shopping behavior – “Why should I shop locally anymore?”

Without further ado, let us share the beauty of this service. Be warned, it is extremely addictive. If you think Taobao shopping is enslaving, we welcome you to try this.

We unapologetically introduce you – PRIME.

What is PRIME?

Prime is a membership program, a membership that will literally fill your shopping cart with hundreds or even thousands of products yet have no worry of any shipping fee surprise.

No more worries about shipping fee – How?

Prime offers you an unlimited shipping fee at only $2.99! Regardless the size, weight or quantity. One more time just in case someone misses it – UNLIMITED SHIPPING FEE at only $2.99!

ezbuy Prime

Now, you must be thinking, “Confirm is a gimmick, no free lunch in the world”, “Where got such good deal, they must be jacking up the product cost so to earn back shipping”. Totally normal that people will be skeptical about it, we won’t blame you for that. Especially when you first get to know about – ‘any size, weight or quantity at only $2.99 shipping’.

How is that even possible?!

Yes, you are right. In our industrial, it’s not possible at all unless you’re ready to make a huge loss. Yet, we’re making the impossible, possible. Making shopping globally the same as shopping locally, but with more variety and more savings. First, we shorten the shipping duration tremendously so you can receive the item faster and then ‘removing’ most of the shipping fee so you can save even more than before.

Actually, there is no such thing as ‘removing’ the shipping fee. No spell in Hogwarts has the capability to do that. A secret to share – We’re absorbing all these shipping cost for you!

Here’s the catch. A monthly subscription of $9.90 (limited time only), or 1 year membership for $99.00.

ezbuy Prime

What you’ll get in return? See for yourself –

  • Fixed shipping fee at only $2.99 for all your Prime orders, regardless the size, weight or quantity
  • Instant upgrade to SVIP membership to enjoy 50% savings off agent fee on Prime orders
  • Access to special deals such as promotion from USA merchandise and enjoy up to 80% off items
  • Includes all Buy-For-Me services such as Purchasing, Inspection and After-sales support
  • Free insurance coverage up to S$2000
  • (Reserving this slot for more new Prime benefits soon) *Wink

Few of you may ask, “What’s the big deal of shipping at $2.99”?

Everyone knows shopping in Taobao is already very cheap. How about removing the shipping fee with just $2.99 for you? Let us show you how much more you can save.

ezbuy Prime

Case Study #1
32 orders  Ladies Dresses, Shoes, Bags, Jeans and other Fashion Apparel. Estimated shipping fee via Economy Air, 31kg – S$104.78

With Prime Only S$2.99 regardless of your quantity, even if it is 100+ orders! Savings of S$101.79 which allows you to shop for maybe 10 more fashion apparel!

Prime ezbuy

Case Study #2
2 orders Sofa and a Coffee Table. Estimated shipping fee via Sea, 356kg – S$256.32

With Prime Only S$2.99 regardless how weight or huge your orders are! And that’s an enormous savings of S$255.33! You can even consider shipping your entire furniture from Prime, we don’t care!

We’ve done the math. According to our database, an average shopper will save up to $31.58/month, a shopaholic will save up to $326.18/month, and someone who is shopping new furniture for his new home will save up to $1289.75 on shipping fee with PRIME. Not exaggerating at all.

ezbuy Prime

Over millions of products you can Prime for – You can Prime your Home Furniture, Sports & Outdoor equipment, Kids & Babies stuff, Fashion, Shoes & Bag and etc. On top of that, we’re adding hundreds and thousands more in every day! 

How do you start your first PRIME-ing spree?

Simple. First, you can subscribe to Prime 1 month trial (Limited time only) at $9.90 or 1 year subscription $99.90 here. Once subscribed, CONGRATS! You just passed the most difficult stage of ‘To buy or not to buy’ dilemma. Rest of the steps are easy peasy.

You may start your first Prime journey here.
ezbuy Prime

USA Hot Sale Products and Trending Prime Collections can be found here.
ezbuy Prime

Scroll down and you will find 6 floors of products under various categories. 
ezbuy Prime

When clicking on a product, you’ll see this Prime logo on the product page, which means this product is eligible for the $2.99 shipping. On your right, you will see 4 different tabs – Prime, China, Taiwan and USA. Ensure that you’ve selected Prime and check out.

ezbuy Prime

After you’ve check-out, you’ll see your order summary, which include total amount of selected product, shipping fee at $2.99 and Agent fee of 4% (Total amount of the selected products + $2.99). For orders shipped by air, 7% GST applies if individual order value is more than S$400; for orders shipped by sea, 7% GST applies to all orders.

ezbuy Prime

Then, select your preferred collection method and confirm your orders.

That’s it! We’ll inform you once your parcel has arrived and you can arrange the date and time for collection.  

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: I can’t find anything with the Prime label
A: Check if you are still in 65daigou.com webpage. All Prime orders are only visible on ezbuy.sg webpage or in ezbuy mobile app. We have over a million of products under Prime!

Q: Can I use Prime membership to purchase non-Prime items and enjoy $2.99 shipping?
A: Not at the moment. Thousands of products from USA, China or other countries are continuously being reviewed and added into Prime every day. We’re bringing out the best products into Prime. There are already millions of products to Prime for, ranging from bulky furniture, heavy fitness equipment to the latest collections of apparels.

Q: Can I use Prime for Ship-For-Me Forwarding orders?
A: No, Prime’s unlimited shipping at $2.99 is for Prime orders only. Why do you still want to go Ship-For-Me forwarding when there is a $2.99 unlimited shipping? Go Prime.

Q: Why can’t I choose the shipping method?
A: With Prime, we save you the trouble and time from choosing your shipping method. We want to make it easy by allowing us to make the decision for you. We’ll ship parcel via Air or Sea shipment, depending on the nature of your products.

Q: Then what is the shipping duration?
A: More than 90% of the Prime eligible items are shipped by air. For the rest of the items, like bulky furniture, heavy product, or items restricted from air shipping regulation, will be shipped by sea. An estimated time of arrival (ETA) is calculated and indicated on each product page.

We will try our best to deliver all the items to you on or before ETA, but in circumstances that certain merchant’s items reach us later than expected, we may split your items into more than one parcels and deliver to you separately. On-time shipment guarantee policy does not apply to Prime parcels for the time being.

Q: Why are there a few items selling off at a slightly lower pricing by different vendors in Taobao?
A: There are many other Taobao vendors who may be selling similar products. As it will not be possible for us to display all of them into our Prime, they will go through a filtering process. We’ll only select the most reliable vendor (Higher transactions history, Popularity, non-Black listed vendor) into our Prime. Rest assured that the difference is insignificant. What matter most is the reliability of these vendors and how much more you can save with only $2.99 shipping.

Q: What do you mean, agent fee?
A: For those who are new to us or shopping globally online, many vendors (such as Taobao sellers), are individuals or amateurs. Occasionally, these vendors may make mistakes such as sending wrong quantity, size or design, just like how you may receive wrong orders when shopping online. Our job is to provide an inspection so to ensure what you purchase is what you want. For every wrong orders we received in our overseas warehouse, we’ll immediately notify you and reject the item before shipping to you. As such, you’ll save your time, money and hassle.

In other words, it is just like purchasing a travel insurance when you go for a holiday. What more? We bridge any communication gap by helping you to contact multiple sellers on a single platform. From purchasing, inspection, repacking, shipping and after-sales support, we’ve got you covered. Every Prime orders do come with a free insurance up to $2000 too.

That’s a whole lot of convenience and assurance at just an insignificant of $0.04 for every dollar spent on Prime orders.

Agent fee = (Prime Product Price + Domestic shipping fee + $2.99)*4%

Q: What are the GST charges for?
A: Prime orders follow the same GST guidelines and regulations. For orders shipped by air, 7% GST applies if individual order value is more than S$400; for orders shipped by sea, 7% GST applies to all orders.

GST = (Prime Product Price + Domestic shipping fee) x 7%

Q: I’m purchasing furniture using Prime. What is the delivery charge to my door-step?
A: $8 for any parcel heavier than 8kg. No, we aren’t collecting $30 or $50 like what other does. $8 regards a sofa, table, chair, or all of them together. However, do note that the rate is for delivery to residential address on lift accessed floor.

That’s all for the FAQ section! Click below to find out what others have purchased using Prime!

ezbuy Prime

Shop Prime now and experience the best global shopping experience!

ezbuy Prime

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