How easy can Batman to win Superman? Exploiting the Man of Steel’s super power

Batman vs Superman

Batman vs Superman? Errr let’s see. Superman can lift a plane, fly and shoot laser beams out of his eyes all at the same time. Batman, a ‘Mere Mortal’ with his leather costume and his creepy voice….

How can Batman possibly win Superman?

I’m sure I wasn’t the only one to see the title Batman vs Superman and started laughing. How can anyone, a regular human being beat an all-powerful alien with a seemingly limit-less set of abilities? So what chance does Batman do in a battle like that?

I know what everyone may think, that the only possible method Batman can stand a chance to win is with kryptonite. Yes, exposed to kryptonite, Superman will weaken to become a ZERO man.

Batman vs Superman

But what if I tell you, Batman can still win the fight without kryptonite. No kryptonite ring or spear, or kryptonite gas. No kryptonite involved at all, just a fair and more realistic fight.

Sun Tzu art of war, “Know your enemy”

More importantly, what make Superman so powerful? From the movie “Man of Steel”, we learned that it is ‘Earth’ that give Superman his amazing set of abilities.

Batman vs Superman

“Earth’s gravity is weaker. Earth’s sun is younger and brighter than ours was. Your cells have drunk in its radiation, strengthening your muscles, your skin, your senses.”

In his home world ‘Krypton’, Superman wouldn’t have any power at all. Superman gains his power through Earth’s weaker gravity and stronger Sun than in Krypton.

Batman vs Superman

Superman source of power #1 – Weaker Gravity

Think about an astronaut on the Moon – Moon’s gravity is 1/6 of the Earth’s. Since the mass of an object is constant, a person weighing 80kg on Earth will weigh 1/6 of that, approximately 13.33kg on the Moon. This is why an astronaut can jump so easily around the moon surface even when carrying heavy equipment. The changing gravity also affects how much a person can lift. Someone who can lift 20kg on Earth can lift 120kg easily on the Moon.


And instead of the Earth and the Moon, let’s look at Krypton and the Earth. Applying the same theory, an alien coming from Superman’s home planet can lift objects which no human could. This is because Kryptonian’s (Superman) muscles have adapted to Krypton’s heavier gravity, just like how we’ve adapted to Earth’s gravity. Since the gravity on Earth is weaker than Krypton, Superman weighs far lesser but still able to lift far heavier objects. As such, this explains why he is able to leap tall buildings in a single jump, lift seemingly impossible objects, punch and kick like no other man can.

Question is how weak is Earth’s gravity compared to Krypton’s? Well, read on…

Superman source of power #2 – The Sun

When it comes to the Sun, Superman draws his power from it just like any normal plant does. The light from the Sun that reaches the Earth composes of mostly ‘Non-Ionizing Radiation’. What does that mean? Well, this radiation doesn’t carry enough energy to ionize or steal electrons from atoms and molecules. It has enough energy to excite atoms but doesn’t change their charge. On the other hand, ‘Ionizing radiation’ is the dangerous stuff, the very reason why you wear a lead vest when you get your X-ray done.

During photosynthesis, plants soak up non-ionizing rays from the Sun and convert them into chemical energy. This energy is used to fuel the plant’s growth.

Batman vs Superman

Superman does the exact same thing. Storing up Non-Ionizing Rays from the Sun and converting that to energy. Normal humans get vitamin D from the Sun but Superman gets laser beams, supervision  and all his other abilities.

So how the Dark Knight can win the fight easily

In the absence of weaker gravity and brighter sunlight, technically speaking, Superman will just become just like us, a normal human. By calculating the gravitational force on Krypton, we can now duplicate the force on Earth that will easily defeat Superman.

Presuming a weight-lifter, weighing 90kg, is strong enough to lift twice this body weight on a good day, 180kg. In the trailer Batman vs Superman, we see Superman successfully lift a rocket, which weigh approximately 75000kg. Divide this by how much a man on Earth can lift, we get how many times stronger Superman is to a normal human.

Batman vs Superman

And that is 416 times Superman is stronger than a human being, which also shows Krypton’s gravity should be 416 times stronger than Earth.

To wound Superman, all Batman need to do is to punch him with 416 times the force of a normal human’s punch. That may sound like a lot, but it is actually pretty easy. In fact, we can punch Superman with a thousand times the force of a normal human’s punch.

In 2013, scientists from UC Berkeley created robotic muscles that are 1,000 times stronger than human beings. Using these robotic muscles, Batman can create a mechanical suit that can punch Superman nearly 2.5 times greater than Superman.

This scene from the trailer, that’s entirely possible without the use of kryptonite.

Superman should be scared.

Batman doesn’t stop there. Sure, the robotic armor is a thousand times greater than a human and should be able to knock out the Man of Steel. But Batman doesn’t want to take any chances in this fight. He would want to weaken Superman as such as he can through the other half of Superman’s power source, the Sun.

Batman vs Superman

No, Batman is not going to blackout the Sun. But he can use ‘Ionizing Radiation’. Remember, Superman drinks up non-ionizing radiation like a plant to fuel his power. But on Earth, ionizing radiation is pretty easy to come by – X-ray, nuclear power plants, Radon and Uranium. Exposure to ionizing radiation results to mutation, sickness, cancer and even death. And if Superman is exposed to these harmful radiations, he would be weakened in a blink of an eye. In the comic, Superman was exposed to ionizing radiation from a nuclear fallout.

Batman vs Superman

The results, he immediately went powerless. In fact, in the comic Batman vs Superman that is based on, Batman actually wins!

So in summary, all you need to do to beat Superman is to expose him to some radiation, be it X-ray, Radon or Uranium and then punch him to death with some robotic muscles. You may be asking, who on Earth can get access to all of that?

Well, who else but Bruce Wayne?!

Bruce Wayne is a billionaire entrepreneur, he can do anything he wants. How much is crafting an armor of super strong robotic muscle costs? Doesn’t matter! Batman is a billionaire. Bruce Wayne already owns dozens of nuclear power plants under Wayne enterprises – Wayne Construction, Wayne Biotech, Wayne Steel, Wayne Weapons and Wayne Industries. All Bruce got to do is to borrow some Uranium or Radon from this local power plants, or stage the battle in his own power plant.


Once lured in, Superman won’t know what hit him, but we do – Ionizing Radiation followed up with robotic muscles a thousand times stronger than a human.

And that’s how EASY Batman can win over Superman!

Credits to: Film Theorists


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