Lowest Sea Shipping Rate – Taobao Cheapest Shipping Fee

Ever since our appearance on Channel 8 Money Week Singapore last December, more Singaporeans got to know about Taobao shopping and our services. Not surprisingly, many of whom have called in and enquired more about shipping furniture back to Singapore.

Why buy furniture from Taobao instead of locally?

Everything comes down to 2 things – Pricing and Variety. As the demand from bargain hunters wanting to purchase furniture from Taobao has been growing steadily throughout the years, the underlying reason why others who are still withholding from shipping such bulky items are the high shipping fees.

Yes, we hear you!

Because your opinions matter most to us, we’ve pushed the boundaries once again to give you better deals and lower shipping fees. Earlier this year, we introduced the cheapest Taobao Air shipment, economy air at S$1.69/500g. And now…

Taobao Sea shippingTaobao Cheapest Sea Rate

From 27th February 2016 onward, you can enjoy the lowest Taobao sea shipping rates from S$0.36/500g! That’s equivalent to $120/CBM! Unlike other forwarders, we do not charge per cubic meter unit (1 cubic meter = estimated 167kg), but a flat rate of per 500g unit!

What does that mean?

Taobao Sea shipping

When using our service, there’s no need to purchase unnecessary items intentionally just to fill up that additional cubic meter charge you are paying for. Instead, you may put the focus on what the product is, and whether you want to buy it.

Before you go all crazy and start shopping for furniture from Taobao, click below for a complete guide to buying furniture from Taobao!

Complete Guide to buy Furniture from Taobao

Wondering the reasons why we’ve been constantly reducing our shipping rates? Does the falling crude oil prices play a role in these reductions?

With regards to the falling crude oil prices, both airline forwarders and logistic industry are definitely two main beneficiaries. Data do reflect tremendous profit gains from the top 3 airline companies in China, at least 7-15 times as compared 2014. Together with our increasing shipping volume (all thanks to your support), we are able to bargain for lower shipping rates from both the airline forwarders and logistic providers through rounds of negotiation.

So what did we do after getting cheaper shipping rates? Giving them back to you of course! 

Firstly, we have brought down our USA standard shipping from $4.50 to $3.99 per 500g. Following that, we reduced our China economy air shipping rate by 15%, to $1.69 per 500g, becoming the best and unbeatable rate in Singapore. And now, dropping our sea rate by another 40% to an astonishing rate as low as $0.36 per 500g (parcel above 160.01kg)! On top of that, there’re even plans for us to invest in more vehicles so as to increase our FREE collection points and collection frequency to enhance customers’ collection experience.

In short, falling crude oil prices do impact us for a good cause. Being a customer-oriented company, we of course will always allow our customers enjoy all these benefits, giving you more savings when you shop with us!

Thank You!

Stay tuned with us for more updates and improvements, again! First time with us? Hop right in and start your first shopping spree with us!

65daigou Taobao 11.11

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