Lowest Economy Air Rate – Taobao Cheapest Shipping Fee

Taobao Lowest Shipping Fee

You sure have probably known of how marvelous Taobao is – allowing you to shop a wider range of products at a lower cost, up to 2x to 4x cheaper than Bugis Street or other local online shopping site (Don’t believe? We got some evidences below to convince you). Besides having the need to pay for the product cost, Taobao shoppers will also need to consider its shipping rates and charges before hitting the ‘Check out’ button. However, sometimes shoppers feel frustrated as the shipping charges are dreadfully high! 

Well, not anymore.

Taobao Cheapest Air Shipping

And that’s a great news to all our Taobao shoppers!

Starting from 17th Feb, you can enjoy the cheapest Taobao shipping rate of S$1.69/500g, a significant drop from $1.99! Not only we want to make our rate cheaper, we also want to give you an even shorter shipping duration so you can receive your parcel faster!

Taobao Cheapest Air Shipment

This never-seen-before shipping rate is clearly the lowest in the industry, over 30% CHEAPER than other Taobao Forwarders. Concern of our 1.1x volumetric weight? See for yourself below and understand why 65daigou is still the cheapest and the best choice among the Taobao Shipping Forwarders.Taobao Cheapest Air Shipment

At the same time, we’re striving to give you an even FASTER international shipping, up to 2 days shipping! With this new shipping rate, our Economy Air is now as cheap as our Sea shipping, yet so much FASTER! 

Did you know 65daigou is the only provider to have 2 warehouses, 1 in Shanghai and the other in Guangzhou? By choosing the nearest warehouse from the seller location, waiting time for domestic shipping can be effectively reduced from 3 to 5 days to 1 to 3 days, and also allows you to save more in domestic shipping!

“What can I buy for 500g?”. Pretty much actually.

Below are some outfits and stuffs from Taobao that are less than 500G. Oh, did I forget to mention, some of these similar items are actually spotted in local shops and shopping site but being sold at much higher cost?! 

Local vs Taobao shopping

Remember, both are them are the same products, same design and same material. Why so cheap? It’s because when you shop with us from Taobao, you are purchasing the product directly from the country of origin, bypassing the importers, exporters, distributors and retailers!

Local vs Taobao shopping

Local vs Taobao shopping

Local vs Taobao shopping

We have got tons and tons of examples to show, but, we believe you have gotten the whole idea. Fascinated by what you see? Share this piece of exciting news to your family and friends and shop more from our Best Buys collection today!

Shop 65daigou now

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