Spring Cleaning 101 – 9 Amazing Cleaning Tips You Must Know!

If you are still procrastinating your annual spring cleaning, you’ve came to the right page.

Chinese New Year is coming soon and we as housewives ourselves, are equally frustrated about spring cleaning. Bad news is, we’re left with the coming weekends to start cleaning. Good news? We got 9 cleaning HACKS & TIPS to save your time and energy!

1. Furniture with Wooded Surfaces

wooden surface

Did you know you can remove white heat stains or water ring marks just by using the hot air from your hair dryer, vinegar and olive oil?  You could also try mayonnaise, toothpaste or a dry iron. Different tables may react differently to this, though, so try at your own risk!

2. Cleaning Ceiling Fan

Cleaning Fan Bladessource – Quickanddirtytips

Rather than using a cloth to wipe of the dust trapped on fan’s blades, use an unwanted pillowcase instead! Now you can save the trouble from dodging or cleaning the fallen dust!

3. Clean & Polish your Silverware with Baking Soda

Baking Soda.pngsource – Susanbranch

De-tarnish all your silver at once by lining your sink with aluminum foil, adding a 1/2 cup of table salt and a 1/2 cup of baking soda, filling it with hot water, and then dumping in all your silver. Let everything sit for about 30 minutes. The tarnish transfers to the foil, and you’ll save a lot of energy from not polishing each one by hand.

4. Cleaning Chopping/Cutting board

Lemon chopping boardsource – Kcet

Cover any light-colored plastic or wooden cutting board with salt and rub down with half a lemon. Let it sit for twenty minutes and then wash it. This should remove any food stains and make your cutting board look new again.

5. Cleaning Mirrors and Windows

window and mirror.pngsource – Gingersnapcrafts

Vinegar is a fantastic and environmental friendly cleaning agents. Mix vinegar and water at a 20/80 ratio and WA-LA, you got your safe and economical cleaning solution to shine your mirrors or windows!

6. Diminish Hard Water Stains with Vinegar

Diminish Hard Water Stains with Vinegarsource – Thriftyhome

Soak a few paper towels in white vinegar and place them on the hard water stains – around your tap, in your bath tub or even the area near the water filter under your sink. Leave it for an hour and wipe clean with a towel. Be-gone water stains!

7. Vacuum Hard-To-Reach Tiny Spaces or Corners

Vacuum Hosesource – Lifehacker

Looking for the easy way out by vacuuming your entire house? Then you may want to find a squeeze-bottle top and tape it onto your vacuum hose!

8. Cleaning Shower Head

Shower head
source – Lifehacker

To get the built-up residue off your shower head, tie a bag of vinegar around. Leave it there overnight, and it will clean everything off with no work.

9. Don’t Invite Anybody To Your Place


Sick and tired of cleaning up your place? Then give excuses to your relatives and friends not to come over, problem solved. You can also even PS your “After a 5 hours of Spring Cleaning” images on Facebook to show off your ‘beautiful home’.

Don’t have any cleaning products yet? Shop for one now and prepare for your ‘next’ spring cleaning!

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