Did you know the bacteria found on a courier bag from Taobao may cost your LIFE?!


We’re always enthusiastic and extremely thrilled when it comes to unwrapping a parcel purchased from Taobao. Some of us may even use our teeth to rip open the courier bags!

But have you ever thought that such parcel could bring devastating threats to your health and even become a ‘Time Bomb’ that may cost your life?

Batman Bomb

Not exaggerating at all! Those courier bags are awfully dirty and harmful!

According to the Straits Herald (China) report – Many online shoppers in China suffered symptoms of skin allergies and pus bumps just two days after unwrapping the parcels. These brought forth great concerns on the hygiene and safety of the ‘courier bags’.

In another report, a victim who wasn’t able to find a scissors, used her teeth to bite a hole on the courier bag before tearing the bag apart. On the very evening, she felt itchiness on her mouth and a few red bumps surfaced. Following morning, pus started to form on the red bumps and it’s so painful that she could barely open her mouth.

So, exactly how harmful and dirty are these courier bags from Taobao vendors?

During the process of transiting the parcel from packaging, transportation, transit and delivery, the parcels are often piled on the ground or roads. Poor hygiene and logistics management could possibly cause contamination.

In addition, courier bag materials may contain harmful chemicals in addition to the dirt collection during the long dispatch journey. These collated amount of bacteria found on the surface of the courier bag may eventually cause potential risk to one’s life.

Not a laughing matter:

  • Year 2013: Ms. Jiao bought a pair of shoes from online. It’s said the parcel was contaminated with highly toxic substances during transportation. And her husband was killed due to the contamination.
  • Shandong reported an incident “Killer courier” on November 29. A person died of poison after receiving a pair of shoes bought online. It was confirmed that the incident was caused by chemical leakage when handling the shipment that contains 1844 parcels. 56 parcels were randomly selected for investigation of which 4 of them were contaminated with toxic. In the incident, 1 person was reported dead and 8 were poisoned.

Now you must be thinking, then how does 65daigou handle their customers’ parcels? Here’s a quick behind-the-scene of how we manage your Taobao orders.

  • Parcel has arrived in our warehouse. Safety first! All staffs are provided with new gloves and apron daily when handling with the parcel.

Receiving Parcel

  • An overview of our customer’s Taobao order after cutting open the original packaging. Notice the spacious empty space in the parcel? That’s going to cost you a high volumetric shipping fee if nothing is done! 

Arrived Parcel Overview

  • We then unwrap the packaging and perform an inspection to ensure that there are no visual defects and what customer purchased is what we’ve received. Once the order has passed the inspection phase, we’ll repack the order into a smaller packaging so this customer will save more on her shipping fees!  

Inspection and Repack

  • The repacking details are as follows-
    4.8kg before repacking (Volumetric weight of original packaging)
    1.3kg after repacking (Based on actual weight as actual > volumetric weight after repacking). 
    That’s a 3.5kg shipping weight reduction! 


  • The new repacked order will be consolidated with the rest of the customer’s orders. Witness how every parcel are stored neatly and tidily in our warehouse as compared to other Taobao forwarders.


Also, how can you differentiate the quality of courier bags used? Type of Courier BagGray, black – Courier bags of lowest quality. Made with recycled materials. It’s said that 70 -80% of the courier companies use these for packaging.

Green, yellow – Courier bags of mid quality. Made with a mixture of new and recycled materials. Not used often due to cost saving.

White – 65daigou uses this type of courier bags because it’s the safest and of the highest quality.  They are made with new materials thus it’s more expensive. Generally, most of the courier companies do not use this so as to save more cost.

Enough said. If you’re already one of 65daigou customers, congratulations to you! You’ll have nothing to worry about as all your orders will be taken care of.

For those who aren’t, well.. Make sure not to use your teeth to rip open your parcel and always wash your hands after unwrapping them!

New to 65daigou? Register now and find out more why we’re No.1 overseas shipping SHOPPING concierge in Singapore!

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