9 Things NOT to get for Valentine’s Day

During every Valentine’s Day, there is always a pressure to get the perfect gift which causes serious anxiety. Because it’s about more than just that box of chocolates or bouquet of flowers – It’s the meaning behind the gifts and in many cases, it sets the tone of where your relationship stands.

Looking for ways to ruin your relationship during Valentine’s Day? Here are some fantastic ideas just for you! 😛

Worst Gifts for Her1. Fake flowers

A bouquet of flowers may cost $99 or even more. Getting fake, plastic roses are 10 times cheaper and the best part is that they will last forever! – We get it.

But have you ever thought that getting fake flowers as a substitute may actually question your sincerity towards the relationship?

Say No to Fake Flower

2. Housekeeping Equipment

Giving a house-cleaning tool as a gift, isn’t really a gift at all. In fact, it’s an item that thereby solidify your girlfriend/spouse as a housewife! As good as another trash probably…

Trash Valentine Gift

3. Anti-Wrinkle Cream

LMAO! This is more suitable for a Mother’s Day gift! 

Anti-Aging Creams

4. Weighing Scale

“So, you’re trying to say that I’m FAT?!”

And also, be extra careful as one day you might see the weighing machine grow wings and fly directly into your face during a heated judgment!

Weighing Scale

Worst Gifts for Him

5. Stuffed Toys

Most guys out there will not appreciate plushy toys as much as you do – no matter how cuddly or cute they are. They would rather love to receive a cuddle from you instead!

So NO soft toys for him please.

No Soft Toy

6. Scented Candles

LOL! What do you want them to do with it? Scent his room into a refreshing and relaxing space? Not so much for a guy, no matter how in touch with his feminine side he is.

No Scent Candle for Guys

7. Gym Membership

Yes, we know how much you wish to have “Macho” boyfriend – that Schwarzenegger’s bicep with TWELVE packs abs! Although everyone needs a gym membership, no one wants to be told that they need one!

6 packs in 1 second

Worst Gifts for Both

8. Sex Toy / Vibrator

This gift may seem like a brilliant idea, but definitely it’s a double edged sword.

Yet according to this article, more than 7 out of 10 Singaporean women want more sex while 3 out of 4 men in Singapore are highly concerned about satisfying their partners.

So, yup! Talk to your partner about it first if he’s comfortable with it. Otherwise, you may break his ego and/or unintentionally humiliate her!

50 shades

9. Nothing at all

 “It’s the thought that counts”, right? Wrong!

Especially for the guys, most of the ladies who keep saying that they do not care about Valentine’s Day, at the bottom of their heart are actually lying and coming out with an excuses because you didn’t prepare anything at all!

How do we know? We’re one of the victims too! And we really hate that bitter feeling of going to a date empty-handed while other couples out there are carrying bouquets of roses or gifts.

Nothing not fair

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For Him                For Her

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