7 Reasons why you SHOULD eat BAK KWA this CNY!

Eat Bak Kwa

BAK KWA or 肉干, is a not-to-be-missed goodies that many longed for during Chinese New Year. Yet, health conscious Singaporeans are avoiding such luxury and yummylicious delicacy, complaining that Bak Kwa is fatty and oily. YOLO?

Eating Bak Kwa is perfectly fine. Healthy living starts with exercising regularly, no smoking, having a balance diet of vegetables, fruits and meat, isn’t it?

Always remember this – ‘Chinese New Year’s calorie, doesn’t count’Why Eat Bak KwaSo let’s put away all excuses of NOT eating Bak Kwa and here’re 7 reasons why you SHOULD eat Bak Kwa this coming CNY.

1. Once Per Year

Aside from Chinese New Year, when will you have the chance of eating Bak Kwa again?

“Merry Christmas! Here, have some Bak Kwa!” – says nobody ever.

No one would eat Bak Kwa during Christmas or other festive season right? Then why don’t eat Bak Kwa during CNY!
Bak Kwa

2. Best CNY Goodies

Pretty obvious. Which CNY goodie you’ll see people spending hours or even a night to queue over for! Pineapple tarts? Egg Roll Biscuit? Not even Singapore Pool Chinese New Year Cascade Toto!

Beside iPhone, Bak Kwa is the only goodies Singaporeans and Malaysians craze for.
Why Eat Bak Kwa

3. Best Meat in the World

With its irresistible combination of sweetness and savory sauce, Bak Kwa is most probably the best meat in the world! Being tender and flavourful, every bite is like a taste from heaven!

Nom, nom, nom…
Bak Kwa

4. Help You Live Longer

Not joking. According to this article, eating pork do helps you to live longer!

“Pork is a protein-rich substance that clears the skin, protects the liver, detoxifies the lungs, and even cleanses the system of cholesterol.”Eat Bak Kwa

5. Give You Plenty of Energy

That’s right. This snack is in fact a powerful “energy bar” for you.

Two slices of Bak Kwa will give you a good 600kcal, which is enough for you to sustain 6 hours of Mahjong or Ban Luck session with your kakis!
Bak Kwa

6. Maximize your HUAT-ness

The deep red color of Bak Kwa is highly auspicious – Symbolizes luck and also a color to ward off evil!

So if you’re planning to put your luck to the test this CNY, do remember to have 1 or 2 Bak Kwa! Who knows you will walk away with your wallet full of $$$.
Why Eat Bak Kwa

7. Symbol of Abundance and Prosperity

Bak Kwa is also known as “Long Yoke” in Cantonese, or, “Dragon’s Meat”. As such, it is believed that eating Bak Kwa gives you a robust fortune ahead!Eat Bak Kwa

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