65daigou Review: Journey in Becoming Everyone’s Best Agent

Another year has almost come and gone before our very eyes.

Year 2015 had been a busy year for 65daigou – meeting our goals, facing new challenges and reviewing our customer experience and services. Before we start sharing our 2015 year-end review, we would like to thank everyone for your great support through the entire year!

Thank You!

A fruitful year of accomplishments from where we had been

The increasing number of online shoppers who prefer to shop internationally continues to rise tremendously throughout the years. Benefits of shopping from Taobao and directly from USA merchants isn’t a secret in Singapore anymore. To cope with the booming orders and new customers, 65daigou has grown from 250 employees last year, to over 400 and counting. Our success in Malaysia also contributed significantly, making 65daigou the Number 1 Taobao Agent in both Singapore and Malaysia!

We’ve went through far more notable events and milestones than the past years. Here’re 3 key activities we wish to share with you!

1. Collaboration & Roadshows

Team 65daigou’ve been traveling all around Singapore, sharing the wonders of overseas shopping to everyone. These roadshows not only allow us to gain new customers, but also help us to increase our social engagement and give us opportunity to understand everyone better.

Besides building awareness and sharing of resources through collaboration and partnership, 65daigou highly focuses on how we can work strategically to give all our customer more benefits and gains.

65daigou collorabations and partnership.png

Interested in working together with us? Do free feel to contact us at marketing@65daigou.com!  

2. Feature Interviews by Local Media

We’re very thankful that our service has been recognized by the local media and was invited by Channel 8 Hello Singapore, Money Week, 93.8 Live FM and 88.3 Jia FM for feature interviews and review this year. Click here and here to watch us share on TV why overseas shopping is getting hot and popular on TV!

3. 65eDay, Craziest Taobao 11.11 & Black Friday USA Sale

Singapore’s very first initiated online shopping festival, 65eDay! Being our wildest promotion of the year, with “Up to 21KG Free Shipping”, we want to make 65eDay even bigger and more prominent! Our aim is to make 65eDay popular so much so that anyone who come across 65eDay will relate to the biggest online shopping festival in the entire Southeast Asia region!

65daigou 65eDay

Taobao Double 11 and Black Friday are the 2 greatest challenges we’ve faced in 2015. Volume of the orders went more than 10 times higher than other days. Through our past experiences from 2011 to 2014, we became more prepared and are able to manage this peak season better, despite the fact that some other forwarders are still encountering various problems and delays.

65daigou Singapore Customer Service Team

Working around the clock for 26 days consecutively, our operation and customer service team has been working very hard to ensure timely delivery and service support. We would also like to thank you for your kind patience and understanding during this peak period!   

2015: Improvements in giving you “More Convenient” and “More Savings” with our service

From the beginning of year 2015, we’ve 2 key goals in mind – to provide more convenience in our service and more savings for all of our customers.

1. Launch of ‘Ezbuy’ – An unprecedented way for you to shop from overseas

The main key objectives of Ezbuy function is to eliminate the language barrier for our English-speaking customers and relief the concern of unknown shipping fees during product selection. Now, customers can shop products from our “Trending Collection”, “Cash Rebates”, “Recent Purchase” to enjoy these feature and make a better decision making upon checking out.

65daigou EZbuy

2. ‘EzCart’ & ‘Surf’ in Mobile App – Shopping made easier and better

We thought we can make the “Copying” and “Pasting” process simpler and easier. Thanks to the technology advancement and your feedbacks, we’re able to develop the amazing “EzCart” chrome plug-in, allowing you to add products into your shopping cart in just 1 click!

Not only that. Our enchantment with 65daigou mobile app “Surf” feature also allows you to shop different site and add to cart directly from the our app, making shopping-on-the-go faster and easier for everyone.   

3. More Collection Points – Faster and convenient

What’s the first thing in our mind when the clock strikes 6pm after a tiring day at work? Well, most of the response we’ve will be going home to rest! To make collection more convenient for working adults who do not have the time and energy for collection after work, Day-time CBD area collections are launched to provide collection during lunchtime!

65daigou Collection Points

Our free collection coverage also increased from 50% to 80% of household areas in Singapore. Frequency for popular MRT and neighborhood areas have also been increased significantly!

4. More Savings and Benefits – Shopping more, with less

Last year, we removed base charges for international shipping which made 65daigou the first company to do so in the logistics industry. This year, we further reduced the shipping rates and set a new standard for this industry. Especially for China “Economy Air”, it’s almost no different from Sea Shipment rate if you ship parcels lesser than 30kg, yet the shipping itself is almost 4 times faster. Right after the rate changes, we can see many customers migrating from Sea Shipment to Economy Air shipment.

65daigou Best Shipping Rate.png

Shipping is no longer expensive since after we removed the base charge for USA shipment too! During this year end shopping season, we’ve made another brave decision – To reduce the USA shipping rate to $3.99 per 500g, which is 15% lower than market rate. In addition, we understand volumetric weight from USA makes our wallets bleed, so we’ve extended FREE repack service to Ship-For-Me orders too!

Of course, all this further reduced shipping rates and seasonal promotions will not be possible without your support. We will be working harder to let you enjoy faster shipping, but at cheaper cost that everyone can afford!

2016: Setting New Heights – Refining our service quality and improving your experience

65daigou 2016 Insights

1. Customer service efficiency has room to improve

We’ve enhanced our hotline service standards and quality since 2014, but our enquiries and emails are still not to our satisfaction standard. We’re just rolled out a new system last month to help with efficiency improvement and will focus on customer service staff training heavily next year too.

2. Enforcement with Internal Quality Control

A team of dedicated and well experienced QC personnel was set up this year, which aims to investigate different cases that caused or potentially cause dissatisfaction. Subsequently, improvement actions are proposed so as to prevent possible incidents from happening again. This team will enforce more actions and work together with our customer service team more closely in 2016 to improve our overall service quality.

3. Collaboration of shipment Logistics and Partners

Shipment delays are one of the most devastated event to happen. Although this is something we cannot totally avoid and unforeseeable due to random custom inspections, we are really working closely, and continue to collaborate with our logistic shipping partners even more in 2016 to minimize it.

4. IT Infrastructure improvements and development

We do agree that our android app user ratings was far unpleasant for past few months and the bugs most of you have faced with our “Ezbuy” function. Our customer service received many complaints and we know how your shopping experience had been affected from this IT flaws. Big arrangements have been made this year and we’ll be driving more changes with more talented IT professionals in 2016 to provide a totally seamless shopping experience for you.


Well, these are as much as I could share for 2016 insights. We’re very excited for 2016 to come, the NEW IMPROVEMENTS, NEW SERVICES and MUCH MORE BENEFITS to come for all 65daigou’s customers!

65daigou Share your review

Do share with us here your best 2015 shopping experience with 65daigou and what you wish to see us doing for 2016, and stand a chance to win exclusive shopping vouchers!

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65daigou Taobao 11.11

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  1. Shopping in daigou is more easy and fast got those stuff. Compare with other website. Like daigou the best. And those delivery person is friendly polite. Good service. That y I always shop in daigou

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