Complete Guide to Buy Furniture from Taobao

Great! You’ve just purchased a new home and are all ready to start your next chapter in life. So what is your next move? To visit IKEA to find your new furniture? How about to shop for your new furniture from Taobao instead!

Taobao Home Furniture

According to our survey, 26% of households in Singapore have chosen to purchase their furniture from Taobao, a significant increase as compared to 12% last year. This rising trend does indeed pose a conceivable threat to the local furniture industry, but the boggling question will be: “Why Taobao over local furniture stores?”

Everything comes down to 2 things – Pricing and Variety

65daigou Taobao Furniture vs Local Store

  • Pricing

If you’re a Taobao shopper yourself, this may not be anything new to you. “Made in China” can be seen everywhere in our everyday lives. Low cost labor and high competition in China make products so cheap to the point that you’ll be questioning its quality.

Taobao Table 65daigou 2

However, cheap DOESN’T mean bad quality!

Products you see locally are usually highly marked up. This includes the costs coming from importers, exporters, distributors and retailers channels.

Shopping directly from China allows Singaporeans to bypass these channels and enjoy incredible savings!

  • Variety

Been to IKEA? Besides those yummilicious meat balls and chicken wings, the mega store offers tons of furniture of different styles and varieties. Now imagine, 50 of these mega furniture stores right at your fingertips!

That’s right! With over 1.4 million Taobao vendors, you can find countless furniture of diverse design styles of Mid-Century, Scandinavian, Modern, Contemporary, Industrial Chic, Retro/Vintage and etc. Be it a chaise lounge, camel back sofa, highboy or nesting tables, you can find many designs from Taobao at an extremely low price!

Taobao Table 65daigou

Guides when buying a furniture from Taobao

So what are the things you should take note when shopping for furniture from Taobao?

  1. Reputation ratings of the seller

Every seller on Taobao has a rating, which takes into account their buyer feedback and transactions made on Taobao. These ratings consist of four levels – Heart, Diamond, Blue Crown and Gold Crown. Sellers with at least 5 hearts are quite reliable, but if you make an expensive purchase, it’s advised to find sellers with at least 1 Diamond.

  1. Feedback reviews of the furniture

Other buyers’ feedback and reviews are a great way to evaluate whether the sellers are trustworthy and reliable. Some comments even comes with pictures and will allow you to get a better idea of how the furniture fits! Do look at negative comments too to see what kind of problems the past buyers have encountered.

  1. Contact the seller for more information

When you find there are missing details you need to know, contact the Taobao seller directly via an instant messenger called “旺旺”. If you’re not well-versed in Chinese, then you may face issues communicating with them.

If this is what is preventing you from shopping on Taobao, scroll down to see how 65daigou can help you!  

  1. What you see doesn’t mean what you get

Occasionally, the sellers may make the mistake of sending the wrong orders, design or color. Products bought from Taobao doesn’t provide warranty too. However, most sellers will be willing to work things out if there is a dispute on the product.  

  1. Furniture key-word cheat sheet

Not knowing the key-words to use is a common reason why most Singaporeans can’t find the furniture they want in Taobao. Using the right key-words are important to search for the type of furniture you want among millions of products.

Here is a list of some useful key-words to help you in your search.

Minimalist/Simple: 简约现 Sofa: 沙发
Scandinavian: 北欧现代 Closet: 壁橱
Modern: 现代 Wardrobe: 衣柜
Contemporary: 奥美 Coffee/End Table: 咖啡桌/茶几
Industrial Chic: 工业别致 TV console: 电视柜
Vintage:  后现代 Nesting Table: 嵌套桌子
Open-arm Chair: 扶手椅 Extendable: 伸缩
Chaise lounge: 躺椅 Glossy Finishing: 光滑
  1. Shipping matters

“Isn’t what I have paid inclusive of the shipping cost?” Not really. Most first-time Taobao shoppers misunderstand that the price they see is the only cost of the product. When shopping for furniture from Taobao, you’ve to also consider the shipping fee to ship them back to Singapore. Shipping fee is based on actual vs volumetric weight, whichever is higher.

Taobao Volumetric Weight
In some cases, shoppers may have past experience of shipping a bulky item with shipping fees higher than the low-cost product due to its volumetric weight.

Aside from the shipping fee, it is likewise important to equip adequate protection for your parcel for shipment. Damages on items are commonly caused by improper packaging provided by the sellers. Below are some packaging tips for you to inform the seller during your purchase.

  • Use wooden boxes for shipping heavier or fragile items
  • Refrain from using damaged boxes or containers
  • Use cushioning materials to prevent loose contents
  • Fragile items should be well cushioned
  • “Fragile” and “Handle with Care” stickers are no substitutes for careful packaging

Choosing your right shipping forwarder or agent plays a major role in giving you the best Taobao shopping experience. Here’s why 65daigou is the number 1 shipping forwarder and agent in Singapore.


Why Choose 65daigou

With 65daigou Buy-For-Me service, we cover everything! From purchasing, inspection, repacking and handling your after-sale issues.

  • Ease of Communication: Simply leave your enquiries in our Special Instruction and 65daigou will communicate with the seller for you. Our customer service team is always ready to go an extra mile for you.
  • Local Payment: You won’t need to waste your time and effort to create an Alipay account. 65daigou accepts local payment from ATM transfer, i-Banking and credit cards.
  • Inspection Service: 65daigou inspects your items and ensure that they are of the correct colour, design, quantity with no obvious visual defects.
  • Repacking Service: Repacking helps to reduce the actual or volumetric weight of your parcel. If your parcel is fragile or bulky, you may also request us to have wooden frame for addition protection.
  • After-Sale Support: Fear of facing a sticky situation where your after-sale issues are left unsettled? 65daigou will always be there to help you find a solution, exchange or refund on your behalf from the Taobao seller.
  • On-Time Shipping Guarantee: 65daigou is one of the few shopping agents who provides the best shipment guarantee. Offering 30% compensation for just 1 day of shipment delay, 65daigou gives customers full confidence that they will receive their parcels on time.

What’s more? Unlike Taobao forwarders, 65daigou are able to ship heavy or bulky parcel via Sea shipment, with an economical shipping rate as low as only S$0.36* per 500g (equivalent to $120/CBM). Click here to learn more about 65daigou sea shipping rate!

Best Selling Furniture from Taobao

*Product price as stated

Scandinavian Sofa Cushion Pillow – From S$8.10

Scandinavian Sofa Cushion Pillow

Rattan Straw Tatami Coffee Table – From S$38.86

Rattan Straw Tatami Coffee Table

Modern Rectangular Glass Dining Table – From S$249.77

Modern Rectangular Glass Dining Table

Minimalist Modern Wooden Designer Chair – From S$29.09

Minimalist Modern Wooden Designer Chair

Contemporary Retractable Glass Combination Set (Coffee Table + TV Console + Cabinet) – From S$786.36

Contemporary Retractable Glass Combination Set (Coffee Table + TV Console + Cabinet)

Modern Bedroom Dressing Table Set – From S$72.73

Modern Bedroom Dressing Table

Want more? Shop directly from our Hot Category below!

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