6 Things NOT to do during a Christmas Party or Gathering

Everyone do face awkward moments during gatherings or parties. Nobody wants to attend an event where everyone is bored, upset or caught in a sticky situation. So here’re some top NOT-TO-DOs that you should take note of during a Christmas party.

1. Don’t gossip about your boss or work

“Wa. You know my boss hor, too much..,” no.

Not listening GIF

No one wishes to know how bad your boss or colleagues were. Why not keep away all the negativity and share the positive stuffs of your work? In any case if work topics come into play, share things like what you’ve been working on, your experiences or simply your job role. Who knows, new business opportunities may come knocking at your door!

2. Don’t ask too many personal questions

“Eh, when you going to propose / get married / get house / make babies…”, seriously don’t.

Things NOT to do during a Christmas Party2.png

A Christmas party isn’t a interview session or a ‘Lunar New Year gathering’ where your relatives start being busy-body popping out irritating questions.

Instead, start interesting conversations like, “Anyone here shop from Taobao?”, “Heard of 65daigou? No? Gosh, you got to try!”

3. Don’t use your mobile phone

Things NOT to do during a Christmas Party3

If you’re reading this article and you’re in a gathering right now, STOP! Yes, browsing your Facebook or Instagram may be tempting sometime but you can always do that later! Instead, spend some time catching up with your friends. Running out of topics? You can always find group games to keep it going!

4. Don’t drink too much and get drunk

Be it alcohol or beer, they are constantly the top on the Items-To-Get list for any events. But, know your limit. Your friends won’t want to see you drunk, vomiting all over the places or having a hangover!


3 Tips to help yourself before drinking; 1) Eat something, 2) Drink milk, 3) Have plenty of water before, during and after drinking.

5. Don’t bring uninvited guests

“Who is that guy sia?”, “Don’t know leh, who bring him here one?”

Not invited.gif

One of the most awkward situations that your friends won’t want to be in. Even if you really wish to bring along your BF/GF/BFF, it will be nice to get everyone’s consent first!

6. Don’t be obsessed with taking ‘Food-Porn’

It’s perfectly fine to post and tag your friends into your Facebook wall or Instagram, however, don’t overdo it. Let the guys enjoy their meal!

when can we start eating.gif

And also, we all know it is fun to post unglam photo of your friends. But com’on guys, be nice. 

Here’s What You Can Do For Your Party or Gathering

  • Plan for a Christmas themed gift exchange or Secret Santa!
  • Plan for a Pot Luck gathering!
  • Brainstorm group games to bring everyone together! Click here to find some cool games or stuff for Christmas.
  • Find fun activities or places to go, such as Singapore best real room escape, Xcape!

Speaking of which, 65daigou will be giving away 6 pairs for VIP tickets from Singapore Xcape! Simply share your best Christmas gathering activities and ideas in 65daigou Facebook and stand a chance to WIN!

Good luck and wish you all a Merry Christmas!

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