5 Best Buy for Taobao 12.12 Sale – Ship Bulky Shipment via 65daigou Sea!

Looking for the best deals during Taobao 1212 sale? You’ve came to the right place! We’ve collected all recommended Taobao loots during Taobao 1111 and picked the best just for you this 1212! Based on the review ratings, most popular and best price, here’re the 4 top Taobao products you can grab during Taobao 1212 year end sale! *Product prices as stated below

1. Air Humidifier with Aromatherapy Mist Function
Usual price – S$81.59 Taobao 1212 Sale – S$22.70
Product Rating – 4.8/5
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Looking for affordable yet versatile humidifiers that provide a multitude of benefits? Well, Taobao Tmall has it.

Taobao 1111 Best Buy Air Humidifier with Aromatherapy Mist Function

This all-in-one air ultrasonic humidifier protects you against bacteria, humidifies the air in the room during dry seasons, keeps skin healthy and moist and relieves strain with its aromatherapy.

Click here to purchase.

2. DELSEY High Impact-Resistant Polycarbonate Luggage Set (20 inch + 28 inch)
Usual price – S$1245.45 Taobao 1212 Sale – S$272.50
Product Rating – 4.8/5
65daigou Taobao 1111 best buy

Focusing mainly on durability, it comes with an impact-resistant exterior and is extremely light! If you are a frequent traveler or someone who wants to keep their belongings well protected and safe, this long-lasting luggage will be just the right luggage for you.

Click here to purchase.

3. Multi-function Mini Portable Electric Lunch Box
Usual price – S$54.09 Taobao 1212 Sale – S$31.59
Product Rating – 4.8/5

Enjoy your food anywhere with this portable electric warmer! This easy to use, vacuum sealing heater helps to keep your food fresh all day!

Taobao 1111 Best Buy

Made with stainless steel properties with corrosion resistance and easy to clean feature, this lunch box is ideal for kid’s school lunches, working adults and even family picnics at Marina Barrage!

Click here to purchase.

4. Mickey Mouse Cute Washable PU Kids Sofa
Usual price – S$29.09 Taobao 1212 Sale – S$17.73
Product Rating – 4.9/5

65daigou Taobao 1111 best buy

Give your little ones an adorable sofa of their own which fits perfectly to their size! Not only safe and kid-friendly, it is also suitable for outdoor activities and is washable!

Click here to purchase.

5. Smart Home Robotic Vacuum Cleaner 
Usual price – S$908.86 Taobao 1212 Sale – S$249.77
Product Rating – 4.9/5

Taobao Robot cleaner

After a long day at work, who would have the time and energy for house chores? Well, this little guy has! With intelligent visual navigation, daily cleaning schedule, self charging and operating system, all you need is to complete a simple setup and let this housing cleaning machine do its magic! 

Click here to purchase.

65daigou Sea Shipment for Bulky Items

Some of the items above may be bulky and will incur high shipping fee. But fret not! Unlike Taobao direct forwarders, 65daigou offers Sea shipping options.

The heavier your parcel, the lower the rate it is! As low as $0.90/500g (parcels above 100.01kg), enjoy the best sea shipping rate around and ship back your Taobao bulky parcel or furniture back to Singapore with us!

Take a look how much you can save with 65daigou sea shipment.

65daigou Cheapest Sea Shipment

Tip and Tricks

Did you know that when you get a luggage with 65daigou Buy-For-Me service, you can enjoy FREE SHIPPING for your remaining items up to the volume of your luggage bag? Click here to learn more about our “1 For 1 Travel Essentials Deal” and our Lowest Shipping Rates In Town today!

Taobao 1212 is Near!

Yup! Taobao 1212 Year End Sale is right on 12th December! All excited like we do? Stay tuned with us for a pleasant surprise! New to 65daigou? Register an account with us now!

65daigou Taobao 11.11

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