Taobao 12.12 – Year End Sale is here!

65daigou Taobao 12.12 Sales

Just when you thought Taobao craziest sale 11.11 is over, comes Taobao 12.12! And this year Taobao 12.12 year end sale promotion will be bigger than ever!

Everyone knows how a year end sale will be, right? Now, imagine how Taobao does it. Being the aftershock of 11.11, Taobao has been heavily marketing on 12.12 throughout these years, bringing more and more sellers to participate in this second shopping festival!

So what will we be expecting from Taobao 12.12?

Cheap, low-priced, crazy bargains from Taobao again of course! To those who have missed Taobao 11.11 sale, here is your chance to experience a super-duper, price-slashing, WA-CHA shopping spree on Taobao 12.12!

65daigou Taobao 12.12 Sale

Have you seen this viral video right after Taobao 11.11 sale?

The video undercover how some China domestic courier companies treat parcels during Taobao Double 11. How can you avoid them from mishandling your parcel? Well, we’re afraid to say that all Taobao sellers have to go through a local domestic courier before reaching to any forwarders. Some local domestic couriers are responsible and will handle parcels with care even during peak seasons, while sadly, some may not.

BUT! One thing is for sure. If you are shopping Taobao with 65daigou Buy-For-Me service, you don’t have to worry about your parcel being damaged by such mishandling. 65daigou will inspect every Buy-for-Me order and when there’s any visual damage or defect on your parcel, action will be taken immediately and we’ll seek a replacement for your item.

“So rest assured and let us take good care of your parcel for you!” cheered Astrobee!

65daigou Taobao 12.12

That is why majority of Taobao shoppers choose 65daigou as their preferred Taobao agent in Singapore! Click here to learn how you can enjoy a Hassle-Free, Worry-Free and Money-Saving overseas shopping experience with 65daigou.

Besides our Buy-For-Me service, 65daigou also offers Ship-For-Me service as a Taobao forwarder to ship your Taobao loots back to Singapore!

If you’ve become a Taobao guru and wish to have more flexibility in terms of contacting Taobao sellers yourself, or require no inspection, pre/after-sales service from us, this may be just the service you need.

Let’s see how 65daigou forwarding service stands out from Taobao direct forwarder and how much you can save when using our forwarding service.  

65daigou Shipping Rates

Unlike others, 65daigou Ship-For-Me forwarding service offers low shipping rates with no base or service charge. Yes! Ship your Taobao loots back to Singapore at a flat-shipping as low as $0.90/500g via sea shipment! 

4 Must-know Tips and Tricks for Taobao 12.12

  1. Find alternatives for each item, so that you can purchase the cheapest one
  2. Install our EZcart Chrome plug-in, add into cart with just one click
  3. Top up in advance so that you can check out faster on that day
  4. For urgent 12.12 orders, call our hotline for immediate assistance

Yet to shop for any Christmas gifts? Shop with 65daigou and ship your Taobao loots back to Singapore during this 12.12 year end sale!

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WAIT A MINUTE! Have I forgotten to tell you all we’ve something equally exciting for Taobao 12.12 year end sale?! *Wink wink… Oops! That’s 2 winks so 2 surprises for you! Stay tuned and start sharing this fantastic news to everyone today!

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