9 Affordable yet Awesome Christmas Gift Ideas from Taobao!

Looking for Christmas gifts and ideas for your friends or office colleagues? Why not shop from Taobao instead! Again, to those who are a total stranger to Taobao, it’s the world cheapest + widest online shopping paradise. Spending less doesn’t mean you are getting less. Rather, you just need to know where to find the best deals out there.

Finding a perfect gift from Taobao may sound like a “海底捞针” task to do. Hence, we’ve made your life easier by rounding up 9 small and sophisticated gifts handpicked from Taobao. You’re welcome!

*Note: Product price as stated below

  1. Christmas Wear-On Accessories

Christmas Clap Wrist Band – S$0.27

65daigou Taobao Christmas Gift

Christmas Hair Band – S$0.41

65daigou Taobao Christmas Gift

Planning to get something for the entire office or class? Why not start off with a Christmas Clap Wrist Band and Hair Band at just S$0.68 in total to hype up the festival mood!

  1. Desktop USB Mini Air Humidifier – S$7.95

65daigou Taobao Christmas Gift

“Prolong exposure to dry atmosphere may affect your health, here’s a mini air humidifier for you, Merry Christmas!” – We’ve even planned out what you can say when giving out this gift!

  1. Emojis Soft Pillow Seat Cushions – S$3.07

65daigou Taobao Christmas Gift

How about a huggable pillow or seat cushion? Pick fun emojis expression to suit your friend’s or colleague’s personality. FYI, there’s a poop emojis, but let’s be nice during this season of love ya?

  1. Hello Kitty Mini Blocks – S$3.00

65daigou Taobao Christmas Gift

Do you know that Hello Kitty is not a cat? Sanrio announced that Hello Kitty is a Human Girl! Well, nothing does make sense anyway but there’s one thing that for sure, Hello Kitty brings happiness to most girls!   

  1. Customizable Bamboo Casing 8GB Thumb Drive – S$10.91

65daigou Taobao Christmas Gift

Sounds like a boring gift idea? Wrong. Accordingly to a research, an average of 2 thumb drives is lost per user in a single year. What’s the best part? You can customize designs of the thumb drive!

  1. Get Mugged!

Lego Blocks DIY Creative Mug – S$6.80

mug 1

Know any fan of Lego? Oh boy, they’re going to love this!

Customizable Color Changing Heat Sensitive Mug – S$7.95

cup cup1

Here’s another mug with a special touch! Everyone loves customized gifts. Create one color changing mug with a photo on it. Your friends or colleagues will definitely love it for sure!

  1. Customizable Glitter Phone Case – S$12.73

65daigou Taobao Christmas Gift

Besides keeping your smart phone safe from drops and bumps, why settle for the same boring cases everyone else has? Be it a iPhone, Samsung Note 4 or something else entirely, get a customized phone case for your friend this Christmas! 

  1. Teddy Bear Portable 10000mAh Power Bank -S$33.75

tedy 2

This cute cuddly bear is not just a good looking soft toy. Yes, it’s a power bank charger for your mobile devices. If you know someone who is looking for something a bit different than the norm, this teddy bear power bank may just be the perfect gift!

  1. Fun Games for Christmas Party

These may not be a Christmas Gift but we thought it will be awesome to share some cool stuffs to spice up your Christmas Party!

Russian Roulette Drinking Game – S$7.27

65daigou Taobao Christmas Gift

Mini Foosball Table – S$16.59


Beard Black Pirate Bucket Toy – S$5.68


Single Gun Barware Mini Beer Pourer Dispenser Machine – S$9.55

65daigou Christmas Gifts

We’ve only just shared 12 out of 200+ cool items for Christmas from our Gifts Collections. Want some more? Visit 65daigou Trending Collections here to shop for more cool and awesome gifts this Christmas!

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