Black Friday – The biggest sales in USA, up to 75% off popular brands

The Biggest Sales in USA – Black Friday! If you are a fan of popular brands like Nike, Sephora, A&F, Coach, mark this day, 27th November. Before we get started into Black Friday, allow us to share with you the beauty of shopping from USA online sites.

Why does shopping from USA brand directly from their USA online site allow you to save more?
65daigou Black FridayIn aspect of cheaper prices and wider selection, it certainly makes more sense to shop these USA brands directly from their USA online sites. Here’s why.

  1. Unlike local stores, these USA merchants are constantly having fantastic sales promotions, giving away cash coupons and heavily slashing their prices during shopping seasons
  2. USA merchants tend to mark up product price with higher margin in Singapore
  3. Shopping directly from the country of origins helps to bypass any importer, exporter, distributor or retailers, which ultimately once again, help you to save even more. (Just like why most Singaporeans are shopping from Taobao!)

That’s no doubt why more and more smart shoppers in Singapore are purchasing directly from their USA online sites to enjoy higher savings! We do have many examples to show why shopping directly from these USA online sites can help you avoid burning holes in your pocket. But… we believe you’ve gotten the idea.

Not convinced? Head back to our previous post for more examples.

Black Friday? What’s so special about Black Friday?

Singapore – Great Singapore Sales. China – Taobao Double 11.
USA – Black Friday & Cyber Monday. Does it ring a bell to you now?

Black Friday marks the start of the Christmas shopping season. On 27th midnight (1PM in SG), almost all stores in the USA will be offering massive discounts and promotions of up to 75% off prices which will last over the weekend to Cyber Monday.

65daigou Black Friday

That’s a great opportunity to impress your colleagues or friends with branded X’mas gift during gift exchange! Or take this opportunity to check your long wish list! You definitely deserve a pat on your back for a year of hard work, pamper yourself by getting your favourite branded products!

Uh hump* Just a gentle warning: Shoes, handbags, apparels and many more will be so cheap that your fingers can’t stop clicking ‘Add to cart’! 


Choosing 65daigou as your USA Shopping Agent

So you may start to ponder, why do you need an agent to shop from USA merchants? Here’s why.

  1. Many USA merchants only ship to US local address
  2. Many USA merchants charge extremely high shipping fees back to Singapore
  3. Many USA merchants only accept US credit cards

If you shop frequently on Taobao from China, 65daigou is probably no stranger to you! Those who’ve yet to hear of us and wondering what makes 65daigou the best international shipping service? LET US SHOW YOU HOW WE STAND OUT FROM THE REST!black-friday-blog-2

  • Unable to shop from restricted merchants even with forwarding agent

Most of the USA merchants, example Nike, Abercrombie & Fitch, Coach, have already detected and restricting their products to be delivery to any shipping forwarders address. Unlike other USA forwarders in Singapore, 65daigou Buy-For-Me service is able to bypass such restriction and help you to purchase the products you want with a small special handling fee as low as 5%.

We know you all love comparing rates between other services. Don’t worry, we’ve done 1 for you. Below will be 65daigou Ship-For-Me service comparison table vs the Top 3 USA forwarding agents in Singapore. 65daigou USA shipping rate Oh, did we forget to talk about our FREE REPACKING service? Lets eliminate out competitor 3 because of it’s high base and weight charge.  65daigou USABoth of our competitors only repack your parcel if it can save more than 2kg of volumetric weight. But not us…

Lets see even if they can repack your parcel for you, how much you can save.
65daigou USA rate
Self explanatory through these comparisons why 65daigou has the best rates isn’t it? 

Our services became so successful and gained so much popularity in Singapore that the Channel 8 Hello Singapore invited us for an interview!

New to 65daigou? Black Friday will be your best time to start your first shopping spree with us!

65daigou Taobao 11.11

Shopping tips to grab the best deals during Black Friday!

1. Get your first hand update on Discounts and Coupon codes

We know that you’re busy and have no time to find all exclusive Black Friday deals. No worries, we got you covered. Simply visit and book mark our Black Friday shopping page for all Black Friday discount and never miss out on the latest deals again!

2. VPN tutorial to bypass IP detection

Can’t seems to access the right USA webpage because you are being redirected to That’s common! More and more merchants are detecting your IP address and stopping you to enter their USA online site, preventing you to enjoy more savings. If this is the problems you are facing, we’ve just the right tool for you.

This extension will help to mask your IP address into a USA IP for you to shop anonymously. Click here for demo.
Note: You may have to clear your browser cookie and history before trying to access into the USA sites with VPN. 

If Hotspot shield doesnt work for you, you may also use free proxy site to mask your IP! Try or proxysite.

3. Important tips when shopping or shipping with 65daigou

a. Start looking for your most wanted products because many merchants will be starting BLACK FRIDAY early sale.
b. If Buy-For-Me does not capture the product details, you can manually fill up the purchase form by providing the merchant name, product name, product price, size, color and etc under the special remark box.
c. State an alternative color/design or alternative item for us to go for if the primary is out of stock.
d. Submit order base on discounted price and state the “discount code” if available.
e. Authorize us to deduct from your Prepay if domestic shipping fee shortage is less than USD 7, or check on respective merchant websites and fill up the correct domestic shipping fee.
f. Top up in advance so that you can check out faster on that day.
g. For urgent orders, call our hotline or use our online-chat for immediate assistance.
h. For Ship-For-Me customers, kindly submit a new order to notify us on your incoming parcel.

First time shopping with 65daigou? Click here for a quick tutorial.

Great news to our customers who have shop with us last year’s Black Friday

For this year Black Friday on the 27th of November, we’ll be geared up, fully equipped, all steamed up and ready to rumble. Nothing will stop your parcel, from reaching Singapore to your hand. No matter how dark or black that Friday will be, we’ll be ready. And this we promise you.

Excited like we are for the BIGGEST SALES IN USA SALES? Join us for this year Black Friday on 27th November!

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