65daigou UNBEATABLE promotion + 11 Tips to “Play-Cheat” during Taobao Double 11 (11.11)!

65daigou 11.11 promotion

Your long wait is almost over and we are equally excited for this annual double 11 sales!

We’ve already gave you the indisputable reasons why shopping with 65daigou during 11.11 is the best option in our previous post hereWant to have more? Presenting to you, our TAOBAO DOUBLE 11 (11.11) PROMOTION! 

Starting from $0! In other words, it’s FREE SHIPPING for your first 500gram! And also, enjoy another 20% SHIPPING DISCOUNT for every next 500grams! 65daigou will always give you the best!
65daigou 11.11 Promotion
Here’s a quick comparison table to show you why our promotion is always the best!

65daigou 11.11 promotion

Here’s a quick calculation on how much you can actually save when shopping through us!

65daigou 11.11 promotion

That’s not all. As the most dedicated and preferred shopping companion in Singapore, we want to give you the best possible shopping experience.

Extended service support for both Purchasing and Customer Service:
Purchasing: we will process your orders from 11th Nov 0000hrs to 11th 2359hrs
Customer service (Hotline): 10th Nov 1800hrs to 2300hrs; 11th Nov 0800hrs to 2359hrs
Customer service (Online chat): 10th Nov 1800hrs to 11th Nov 0100hrs; 11th Nov 0800hrs to 2359hrs

divideMostly importantly, we want to get you ready for this very day and enjoy the exciting sales while shopping with a peace of mind! So here are the 11 tips to grab your purchase before others during this crazy shopping fiesta!

65daigou Taobao 11.11 Tips

Finding products and adding into cart
1. Start looking for products on your wish list and add them into your shopping cart today.
2. Use Google Chrome browser and our ‘EZcart’ when you browse products on Taobao, add to cart will be easier and faster. Click here to download.
3. Search and Shop directly from our 65daigou homepage or our Double 11 dedicated page to find the best selling products and deals.

65daigou Taobao 11.11 TipsWhen adding into cart
4. Find alternatives for each item, so that on the day itself you can choose the cheapest one to purchase.
5. Make sure the size, color and etc. are chosen correctly when you add them to cart. State an alternative color/design or alternative item in the order remark for us to go for if the primary is out of stock.
6. Check-out your orders asap because products with Double 11 deals are often for the fastest fingers first. You can always check-out other new orders again later to enjoy our Free Shipping promotion as long as they are submitted to ship as a parcel.
7. Some discounted price could be captured inaccurately on our website. If you find any discrepancy in price, simply edit the product price as per promotional price.

65daigou Taobao 11.11 Tips

Payment and other support
8. Top-up your account in advance so that you can check out faster on the day.
9. Download our iphone/android app to receive updates/notifications and reply us instantly on your mobile.
10. For urgent orders, call our hotline or use our online-chat for immediate assistance.
11. During this crazy shopping festival, domestic shipping in China can be easily delayed by a week, thus by choosing the nearer warehouse (Shanghai/Guangzhou) from the seller, domestic shopping duration can be effectively reduced for days and your orders can reach you faster. Domestic shipping logistic network is also more reliable and faster around Shanghai, try to find products around shanghai and send to our Shanghai warehouse to reduce your waiting time!

divide Here are all the popular shopping sites that are participating Taobao Double 11 (11.11).

Start sharing our unbeatable deal to your family and friends by taking part in our Facebook giveaway here.

Yet to register an account with us? It’s not that late yet. Register now and join the world’s craziest sales – Taobao Double 11 (11.11). Wish you a happy Taobao 11.11 shopping fiesta!

65daigou Taobao 11.11 shopnow-button

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