Unveiling the first AstroHunter’s Treasure! Are you ready for 11.11?

65daigou Astro Hunters

Still wondering what is EZbuy function and unsure how it works? Watch the video below and get your Astro-Hunter 5th hidden clue!

Congratulations to all AstroHunters! The first hunting series had come to an end.

65daigou Astro BeeNew to AstroHunters? Well, it’s not that late yet! 4 remaining hidden clues are hidden in different 65daigou blog articles. Collect them all to form a coupon code and get your shipping fee discount! Read the below article and start the hunting today!

Forth Clue – A New Breakthrough in Taobao & Overseas Shopping with 65daigou!
Third Clue – 65daigou Customer Testimonials & Shopping Experience
Second Clue – Taobao Tips and Hacks: Your Complete Guide to become a Taobao Guru
First Clue – Uncovering the Myth, ‘Buying products from USA are more expensive than local’

Do stay tuned to our Facebook and Announcement for an UNBELIEVABLE SURPRISE to the craziest Taobao Double 11 shopping fiesta ever! The best time to shop till you drop! 

Till then, get your wishlist started and happy shopping with 65daigou!

Yours sincerely,
65daigou team

Special thanks to: Agnes Low
Social Blogger
www.aggylow.com | @aggylow

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