Is GSS that ‘great’? Think again. Meet Taobao Double 11 (11.11) Sales – World’s Craziest Shopping Fiesta

65daigou Taobao 11.11

For those who have never heard of Taobao before, time for you to climb up the well! Today, Taobao is the largest online marketplace in China, and now, dominating the world! Owned by Alibaba, the faceoff against Amazon are poised to start an epic e-battle for world supremacy.

Why shop from Taobao, can’t I just get my stuff locally? Let’s put it simple. You can find wider range of products at lower cost, up to 4x cheaper than local. Reasons? Because you are buying directly from the country of origin, bypassing importers, wholesalers and retailers who usually mark up the overall pricing of the products. Many Singaporeans who first tried shopping Taobao totally ‘regretted it’ – They are now facing the “Everything also buy from Taobao” syndrome and have to bid farewell to their monthly savings. It is that addictive.

65daigou Taobao

So what is so special about Taobao Double 11 (11.11) Sales? On top of the 4x cheaper in pricing, most Taobao’s vendors will be slashing their price by another half during this shopping festival. Everything will be so cheap to the extent that you’ll start questioning whether the deals are real, or how on earth will they recover the production cost, or if they are just ‘cheapo’ quality products. Yes, we all went through those painful ‘To buy or not to buy’ dilemma before. But all the jaw dropping deals are as legit as it gets.

65daigou Taobao

Fun Facts of Taobao 11.11 Sales
An estimated of 43% of Singaporeans got to know Taobao through Double 11 (11.11) sales! So make a guess how crazy is the sales again?

65daigou taobao1111

Time to set an alarm on your calendar to 11th Nov. Get your hands warmed up, start browsing and get your wishlist all ready because when it comes to such crazy sales, its often the fastest fingers first! Very much similar how MacDonald Hello Kitty & iPhone 6 went Out-Of-Stock within an hour. Besides being ‘fast’ to grab the best deals, we’ll be showing you how to be smart and ‘play-cheat’ during Double 11 (11.11) when the date draws near.

Why 65daigou as your preferred Taobao agent?
We’ve received numerous of calls and being asked all around – “Why do I need an agent to shop Taobao for me?”. Here’re the top 6 reasons voted by Singaporeans why shopping Taobao via 65daigou is a smartest decision and what make 65daigou so special.

65daigou Taobao 11.11Ease of communication
Everything under one roof. 65daigou do the job for you by contacting with the sellers from Taobao on your behalf for any special instructions of your orders. No more ‘chicken and duck talks’ and hassles of multiple liaising with sellers. And most importantly, our customer service team is always ready to go an extra mile for you.

Inspection, Repacking and Consolidationblog-c-2
Having your orders inspected in China before shipping out to Singapore, 65daigou give you a peace of mind and a hassle free shopping experience. 65daigou also consolidate and repack your parcels in the most economical way which helps to save up to 60% shipping fee!

65daigou ShippingCheaper shipping rates with variety of shipping methods
65daigou offer the best international rates ever in Singapore, check out our shipping rate here. From Air to Sea shipping methods, 65daigou provide you the flexibility to choose; Air shipment for small and urgent items while Sea shipment for bulky items. Do stay tuned for an upcoming post for a competitive shipping rate comparison and more surprising details.

On-time shipment guarantee and policies65daigou Taobao
Get protected everywhere. With our coverage and policies, 65daigou give customers full confidence that they will receive their parcel on time especially during such mega shopping season. 65daigou is one of the shopping agent who provide the best shipment guarantee, offering 30% compensation for just 1 day of shipment delay. So rest assured that your parcels are well-protected in good hands.

All these valued-added services for just an insignificant $0.04 – $0.08 for every dollar spent, that’s no doubt why 65daigou is Singapore’s #1 Taobao Agent serving over 600,000 customers. Watch what customers from 65daigou got to share below.

Don’t forget about this 1 day world’s craziest shopping fiesta – Taobao Double 11 (11.11)! You’ll have to wait for another 364 days if you miss it. Register your free 65daigou account with us and start your first overseas shopping experience today!

65daigou Taobao 11.11

Oh! Did we forget to mention that we’ll have be a big surprise for Taobao Double 11 (11.11) as well? Stay tuned to find out what UNBEATABLE deals we’ve in store for you and also 11 tips to grab 50% off your purchases before others!

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