Shopping Taobao in English with 65daigou!

65daigou EZbuy

Feeling annoyed when you can’t find the right Chinese character to search your item in Taobao? Ever faced the sticky situation of paying unwanted high shipping fees?

Well, we heard you and have just the right thing for you. So say goodbye to all your hassles and worries!

It all started in 2009…

Many smart shoppers in Singapore found out that it’s cheaper to shop internationally, with more options and varieties to choose from! Especially for China and USA, overseas shopping can save up to 60% as compared to shopping locally. Like we’ve always said, with more variety and more savings!

Subsequently, the trend of overseas shopping has been rising tremendously in Singapore.

65daigou Overseas Shopping
However, shoppers soon face many bothersome problems when doing overseas shopping.

Some of these problems created barriers or discourage people to continue shopping for products from overseas, causing fellow Singaporeans to disregard such fantastic opportunity to shop with more variety and enjoy more savings. Ranked at the top of the chart, Singaporeans actually felt worrisome and hassle when shopping internationally.

How? Let us list the top 7 for you.

Problem 1 – Online shop and site may seem not ‘real’ or trustworthy
Problem 2 – Fear of credit card information being stolen
Problem 3 – No way to track order status
Problem 4 – Afraid to receive a defective or wrong item
Problem 5 – No local support hotline to call and follow up for After-Sales issue
Problem 6 – Shipment is lost or being delayed
Problem 7 – Limited locations for parcel collection
post 2

Fret not.. 65daigou is here!

Formed in 2010, we’ve one goal in mind. To make shopping simpler, cheaper and faster for you! With all these problems listed out, we came together and worked around the clock to find solutions, new solutions that no one had implemented before.

This was how we fixed it.

Solution 1 – Acting as a ‘Daigou’ (means buy for you in Chinese), we absorb this risk and help shoppers to purchase from online stores. This allows shoppers to have a peace of mind while doing online transactions.

Solution 2 – Rather than doing credit card transaction to unknown overseas websites, we introduced a Top up payment directly at our platform which also included ATM and i-Bank transfer. Not only do shoppers have to worry about their credit card information being stolen, they can save the fuss in doing multiple payments to different sites.

Solution 3 – With a well-developed integrated online platform, shoppers can now monitor their items as we’re able to update every status of their orders into our system. Our platform has been constantly evolving, and aims to create the most user-friendly and convenient in terms of user-experience.

Solution 4 – One of our core services introduced in 2010 will be our inspection service. More than 90% of defects or mistakes will be spotted in China, USA or Taiwan and settled directly with the sellers. In this way, not only shoppers will save time from contacting the seller, they’ll also save money from sending the item back internationally for an exchange!

Solution 5 – As our customer base had grown massively since when we first started, we know we couldn’t rely on merely SMS messaging and 2 service officers. In 2011, we started our very own Customer Service Team, recruiting professional and dedicated staffs who have a passion in serving. Soon, our customer service team tripled yearly, both in Singapore and Overseas, and our team is always ready to serve you with a smile.

Solution 6 – Like no others, On-Time Shipment Guarantee and Policy was introduced. Setting very stringent refund criteria for ourselves, we hope to give our customers full confidence that they will receive their parcel on time.

Solution 7 – In the past, collection was only allocated in 1 location. On second thoughts, why not create an easier and much convenient way for customers to collect their parcel? Soon we quickly started parcel collection in MRT stations and are the first to introduce neighborhood collection! Now with over 130 free collection points covering over 60% of household areas in Singapore, we’re continuing to plan new areas so to make your shopping experience more convenient.

65daigou always improving

Bringing our service to the next level!

We continued to ask ourselves and spent time listening to our customers, and how can we can further improve our service. Soon, we decided to tackle down 2 new problems.

1) Shoppers get frustrated because they’re unable to search for their products due to language barrier
2) Shoppers get worried about unknown and unexpected shipping fee

200 kGpPp

So in 2015 after working for days and nights, we’ve finally found a new breakthrough in overseas shopping! Introducing…

65daigou EZbuy

More Hassle Free

Firstly, customers can directly search items from our Featured Collection, Hot Category and Partner Shop as all product names are in English. No more translation needed! Check out why shopping from our Featured Collection, Hot Category and Partner Shop is a smart choice below.

Featured Collection are sorted into trendy categories, such as fashion style, theme, interests and hobbies. By browsing and shopping in Featured Collection, customers do not need to scroll through the endless listings on Taobao, making it easier and more convenient for shopping!

Hot Category provides a one-stop shopping platform for customers who cannot read Chinese. No more hassle in any translation, just search in our Hot Category and you may find what you want!

Partner Shops are specially handpicked by 65daigou. Having passed with our inspection, these shops are rated highly in Taobao and we can ensure good quality products from them. With up to 20% cash rebates, shopping from Partner Shops not only give you good quality products, but also more savings!

On top of that, only one payment is required and parcel collection can be arranged upon checking out! This means that once you’ve checked out and made payment, all you need to do is to wait for the collection date and collect your parcel!

65daigou Hassle Free

Simply enter your postal code and we’ll show u the nearest collection point and timings.

65daigou Hassle Free65daigou Hassle Free

More Worry Free

Similar to receiving shocking mobile phone bills, some may also experience shipping fee surprises when they came to realize the unexpected overall weight of their parcel. With our new EZbuy function, we now can guarantee you on your order’s international shipping fee based on our smart prediction system. As such, you’re able to make a better purchasing decision and whether you’re comfortable with the shipping cost before purchasing it.65daigou EZbuy

Apart from avoiding any shipping fee surprises, this fantastic feature also provide an estimated arrival date for your order so you will know when you can receive your order, giving you a peace of mind!

65daigou EZbuy

Here’re some key highlights of our EZbuy function

  • Product names are all in English, no more fuss in translation
  • Shipping fee will be reflected before payment, no more shipping fee surprises
  • Estimated Time of Arrival (ETA) is reflected on the Check Out page, no more worries on arrival date
  • One-Time total payment is required only, no more hassle for ‘2nd payment’
  • Collection of parcel can be arranged before payment
  • Do not need to “Submit to ship” for EZbuy parcel
  • EZbuy function is now available on products from Featured Collection, Hot Category and Partner Shop

Still unsure about our EZbuy function? Don’t you worry, watch our tutorial video below!

Sky’s isn’t the limit when there’re AstroBee’s Foot Prints on the Moon

We see great potential and endless possibilities with our EZBUY service. There are still room for improvement for our EZbuy service, however, this never-been-seen-before function may literally transform an internationally shipping process, into as convenient as shopping locally, yet with more variety and savings. So don’t be surprised if EZbuy goes into the local news headline in the near future!

65daigou EZbuy

Yooohooo ASTROHUNTERS! Need a hint? Go check out how EZbuy makes a worry free TAOBAO shopping experience. Stay tuned to our next post, because we’ve prepared something exciting, something everybody has been waiting for. 😉

Till then, happy shopping with 65daigou!

Yours Sincerely,
65daigou Team

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