65daigou Review: Customer Testimonials & Shopping Experience.

Dear Valued 65daigou-ers,

So today is the day! We’re here to announce the winner of our APPLE SPORT WATCH GIVEAWAY! We sincerely appreciate every participant’s time in writing your testimonials and sharing your shopping experience in 65daigou. No words can describe how amazed and happy we’re when a well written entry was sent in. Your thoughts are very important to us, and we’re especially pleased to know how much our service means to you.

We’ve always given our best in providing the best possible service for you, and your satisfaction has always been our rewards. The more satisfied customers we’ve, the more motivated we’re in giving you the best shopping experience!

Without further ado, THE LUCKY WINNER IS ….. (*drum roll*)


Congratulation Aneressy91 , *******y91@gmail.com. We will contact the winner shortly!

Apple SportWatch Winner

Even though this contest has ended, all your valuable entries will be treasured. And now, we’ll like to take this opportunity to share some of your fantastic comments!

65daigou Inspection Review

Yes, one of our goals in mind is always to give customers a worry-free shopping experience, ensuring that the order received is what you asked for. We all do know that receiving wrong items are upsetting, especially when you already waited 5~6 days.

More than 90% of defect or mistakes will be spotted in China and settled directly with the sellers. In this way, not only you’ll save your time from contacting the seller yourselves, you’ll also save your money from sending the item back for an exchange! As our well-trained inspectors are all humans as well, there’ll be a few items which may get undetected during our inspection or damaged during shipment. To address this issue, 65daigou not only offers you a worry-free warranty policy, but also a team of friendly and dedicated After-sales Team, always be ready to assist you. 

Thank you Glendon Tan and we’ll continue to strive for the very best in giving you the best shopping experience.

65daigou Collection Review

We started off with 1 collection point then 8, 36 and 128 by end of 2014. In 2015, we continue to make your shopping experience more convenient by increase our collection points to over than 130 and adding another day of collection timing into each point, till today, our collection points already cover 60% of the household area!

We aren’t stopping yet. So Cheryl Yeo, do stay tuned for more new collection points! They might just be at your block or few blocks away!

65daigou Customer Service Review

Hi Steven! Thank you for the encouraging words to Stella and the team!

“Mr. Steven, it’s just part of my job lah!” *Smiles* – (Stella was extremely excited when reading on your compliment)

Customer service is a challenging job and its compliments like yours that yours that help us go to work with a smile on our faces every day! We do understand the importance of customer service excellence and “Going an Extra Mile”. Giving trust and confidence to all customers in our service is always one of our Customer Service Team motto, and developing a personal touch with our customers will be another, which leads on to the next entry!

65daigou Customer Service

Besides providing an excellent customer service, we want to treat all our valuable customers as our friends or shopping kaki (buddy) too! As a shoppers ourselves, we do know the significant of “personal touch”, and this makes not only our Customer Service Team, but our entire Operation Team different from the rest!

“Thank you girl, hope to see you again soon!” – Hi Elaine Tan, here’s a message from Wendy, Tanjong Pagar Warehouse in-charge.

65daigou Shipment Review

More than 98% of 65daigou parcels will arrive at Singapore warehouse on or before ETA date. However, delays caused by custom inspection and weather condition are beyond of our control.

So you may be wondering, “Since shipment delay is caused by random custom inspection and weather conditions, why still compensate for the delay?”

We ended the year of 2013 with a new promise, an on-time shipment guarantee for all customers. Setting very stringent refund criteria for ourselves, we hope to give our customers full confident that they will receive their parcel on time. Every parcel is like a treasure to us, filled with customer’s trust and confident. When unfortunate event happens on these treasures, we’ll definitely find the best solution so as not to affect our customer’s shopping experience.

So Jasmine Lee, these are the reasons why we treat every shipment and parcel that seriously. Hope to shop with you and to delivery another great treasure of your to you again soon! ^^

USA 2014 Incident

It was near Christmas and everyone was very excited included ourselves! Massive USA orders for Christmas gifts spiked nearly 4 times than expected due to the insanely Black Friday promotion. Unfortunately, our USA operation and warehouse were unable to cope with buzz. That’s period was 65daigou’s most anxious moment ever. Subsequently, we tried to salvage the situation by using FEDEX Priority (a much faster shipment) at our own cost. To Serena Chan and those who were affected during that period of time, we do like to apology once again for all the agony and inconvenience caused.

Year 2015, a new year with a new start. *Astrobee with a determined look*

For this year Black Friday on the 27th of November, we’ll be geared up, fully equipped, all steamed up and ready to rumble. Nothing will stop your parcel, aka our treasure, from reaching Singapore to your hand. No matter how dark or black that Friday will be, we’ll be ready. And this we promise you.

So give us another opportunity this coming Black Friday and Cyber Monday to make things right again, let us be your USA shopping kaki once again!

65daigou Shipping Rate

“Order on Monday morning and the item was ready from collection on Wednesday afternoon” Absolutely right! And that’s how fast our China Express Air service can go! *Astrobee punching his fist into the air*

That’s right! With our DHL Express Air service, you can expect to receive your parcel as fast as 1 working day, making oversea online shopping the same as local shopping! Beside faster delivery, we want to make shipping cheaper for you as well!

Pass these 5 years, we’ve been adjusting and finding new solutions to make your shopping more affordable and cheaper. 2 of the major improvements we accomplished were introducing the industry-first Flat Rate Shipment and July 2015 shipping rates reduction. This made us even much CHEAPER than any Taobao, USA, and Taiwan forwarders!

Don’t believe? Check our rates here.

Yet to put our Express Air or Economy Air to the challenge? Your time is now!


Well, I wish I could cover more from the 518 entries. For those who are still wondering where our Apple Watch Giveaway Facebook post went to, unfortunately due to some unforeseen circumstances, we’ve been instructed by Facebook Team and the relevant authority to hide it from our timeline.

Before we end this article, we want to thank all customers again for participating on this amazing giveaway. Do continue to check out our Facebook and Instagram for more fun activities.

Oh, one more thing. ASTROHUNTER! Saw the clue hidden in this post yet? No? Here’s a hint for you: BLACK FRIDAY – The hottest promotion in USA. You’re welcome.

Until next time, happy shopping with 65daigou!

Yours Sincerely,
65daigou Team

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