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USA Shopping Spree

Dear Valued 65daigou-ers,

Many of you will ask, why do USA shopping when you can purchase in Singapore? Aren’t USA merchants more costly to shop from? Well, the answer is simple and much obvious – IT’S MORE COST SAVING, MUCH CHEAPER THAN YOU THINK IT IS! We unapologetically wish to share this shopping addictions with you.

Shopping from USA merchants USA Shopping 65daigou For those who always shop from the merchants shown above, you will feel the heartache after knowing how much you have overspent and how much you can save if you shop directly from where these merchants are originated from. Let us show you why you should start on USA Shopping online!

Shopping USA Online Example 1 – GNC (General Nutrition Corporation)

Singapore GNC selling Triple Strength Fish Oil 1400 + CoQ-10(60 Softgels) at SGD$104.95 GNC USA Shipping to Singapore US GNC website selling GNC Triple Strength Fish Oil 1400 + CoQ-10(60 Softgels) at USD$19.99, (Promotional pricing, usual price USD$39.99) GNC USA Shipping 65daigou Look how much you can save if you are buying for a three-month course.

USA Ship to Singapore

Ask yourself, what else you can get from this S$200 saving if you purchase directly from USA GNC website!

Shopping USA Online Example 2 – Pandora To all Pandora fan out there! You will love us for this. “UNFORGETTABLE MOMENTS”, by online USA shopping, you will still get an unforgettable moments without hurting your pocket! USA Shopping Singapore Pandora From Bracelets to Charms to Rings and etc, you can save up to 20% if you shop directly from Pandora USA Shipping to Singapore

  • Ocean Mosaic Pave Charm – USA Pandora USD$65 vs Singapore Pandora SGD$124
  • Always In My Heart – USA Pandora USD$75 vs Singapore Pandora SGD$124
  • Sparkling Palm Tress Pendant Charm – USA Pandora USD$45 vs Singapore Pandora SGD$88
  • Playful Dolphin Charm – USA Pandora USD$45 vs Singapore Pandora SGD$88
  • Love Heart Safety Chain – USA Pandora USD$115 vs Singapore Pandora SGD$230
  • Pandora Charm Bracelet Sterling Silver – USA Pandora USD$65 vs Singapore Pandora SGD$124

USA shopping spree Singapore

To those guys out there! It’s an excellent Valentine Gift, Anniversary Gift, or Birthday Gift, with a brilliant cost-saving approach. You’re welcome.

Shopping USA Online Example 3 – Sephora

Girls being girls, we never find ourselves owning too many makeup products. “Step into any Sephora store today, and you plunge into a sensual, exciting, entertaining world.” You don’t have to, here’s our saying “Testing products are always available in store, but do click your way to USA and discover fascinating, mind-boggling, stunning price differences”.

Make up Ever Pro Finish Multi-Use Powder Foundation – USA Sephora USD$36 vs Singapore Sephora SGD$69 Singapore USA Agent Sephora Make up Ever Powder Kabuki Brush 124 – USA Sephora USD$52 vs Local Sephora SGD$85 Singapore Sephora USA Agent Tarte Amazonian Clay 12-Hour Blush – USA Sephora USD$28 vs Singapore Sephora SGD$47 Sephora USA Shipping to Singapore Make up Ever Aqua Matic Eyeshadow – USA Sephora USD$22 vs Singapore Sephora SGD$35 US Ship To Singapore Make up Ever Lipstick Rogue Artist Natural – USA Sephora USD$20 vs Singapore Sephora SGD$37

USA Shopping Singapore Sephora

“Beauty comes with a price”. Well, not exactly true if you know how to shop smart!

65daigou USA Shopping

Of course we have still 101 examples to show off, however, we believe you have gotten the idea now. Unlike local stores, these US online merchants are constantly having price slashing promotions as well. So why not start your USA online shopping right at your fingertips now!  USA Shopping Spree Choosing 65daigou as your USA Shopping Agent Singapore Singapore USA Agent In view of the lower prices and wider selection online, it definitely makes more sense to purchase from these USA brands directly from their websites. However, you may get put off by the high international shipping costs especially if you purchase from multiple merchants, shipping them individually back to Singapore. With 65daigou, not only you can enjoy lower prices on USA websites, but also combine your purchases from a few merchants in one single shipment parcel to save more cost.

USA Ship to Singapore

US Ship to Singapore

And if you happen to chance upon a USA website that does not provide international shipping, fret not because 65daigou can easily take care of that. USA Shipping to Singapore USA Shopping to Singapore And not sure if any of you knows, US postal service is well known for their humongous domestic shipment parcel. USA shopping agent singapore Just imagine how much will your shipping fee cost and the redundant empty spaces you will have to pay for. Well, for every parcel we received in our USA warehouse, we will help you to repack and consolidate them into one or minimum number of boxes before shipping them out. In this way, you will be able to enjoy lower international shipping fee and experience lesser hassle when collecting your parcels.

Singapore US shippingUSA shopping Singapore

singapore us shopping spree

In summary, despite having to pay for Agent fee 8% (SVIP 4%, VIP 6%), there is still a lot savings and more convenient! Let’s just look into what are we paying 8% for 65daigou Buy-For-Me service.

  • Quick, economical and secured shopping services by professional and experience team.
  • Avoid high postage from U.S. online shops for orders shipped outside U.S.
  • Save up to 60% in shipping charges as we consolidate your orders and send them to you in one shipment
  • Real time update of order status, you can monitor easily
  • Payment via local iBanking, local credit card as we place orders for you
  • Inspection and verification of the accuracy and condition of your products from package appearance and receipts upon orders arrive at our USA warehouse
  • Repack bigger cartons into smaller ones to optimize shipping cost
  • Exchange or refund from seller (Depending on return policies)
  • Enjoy cheaper international shipping fee (No base and fuel charge)
  • Compensation for lost & damaged items is guaranteed

Yes, yes.. We know all of you love to compare shipping rates. Below will be 65daigou Ship-For-Me service comparison table vs the Top 3 US forwarding agents in Singapore.

USA ship Singapore

So now think for yourself, “Buying products from USA are more expensive than buying locally” is it really true? Start your USA online shopping with 65daigou now!

Yours sincerely,

65daigou team

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