65daigou on TV again! And, a million dollar question. What does “65” in 65daigou stands for?

65daigou Astrobee

Dear Valued 65daigou-ers,

Somewhere around 2 weeks back, we received a call from MediaCorp and was invited to broadcast a live interview of overseas online shopping. On 7th July, we are on Channel 8 Hello Singapore! It was our honor to share with everyone why overseas shopping is getting hot and popular.

65daigou on News

Watch the video at http://goo.gl/HH2GJe

Highlights of the 10 minutes interview.

“What was the reasons behind the increasing trend of Men’s online shopping?”

“I felt the main reason for such increment will be the price difference. Especially for USA brands, pricing of products online during promotional season can be as low as 70% compared to local retailers.”

“Why is ‘Daigou’ (Buy-For-Me) so attractive?”

“Price difference and product variety. As we know, there are tons of products which we are unable to be find or purchase locally. However, shopping online has always provided us an unlimited selection of choices, allowing us to shop internationally and find products that suit us best.”

“Is there any limitation for overseas online shopping that require ‘Daigou’ service?”

“Yes, there are a few of such limitations. Some of which will be the restriction of USA merchants accepting non US credit cards payment or shipping to a non US regions. These will prevent consumers in usa shipping to singapore. With ‘daigou’ service, acting as a usa shopping singapore agent, we will assist them to purchase using a local credit card. When we received our customer’s parcel at our US address, we will ship the parcel back to Singapore and deliver to our customers. Another important aspect and benefit of using ‘daigou’ service will be our inspection and repacking service. We will conduct a basic inspection to ensure that the order is correct and not damaged, after which we will repack the item to reduce the shipping cost for customers.”

“Doesn’t it means if the order is incorrect, your service will be able prevent the shipment to Singapore?”

“Yes, our service provided will help to prevent customers from receiving wrong or damage item. Our warehouses in the respective countries will inspect customer’s order when receiving the parcel. Once if there is any problem-tic order spotted, we will inform the customers and contact the seller for a solution.”

Here is a link to watch our first appearance on TV, Channel 8 Moneyweek Oct 2013 – http://goo.gl/kHZ8ji

And now, everyone have been waiting for. Time for our 65daigou’s Who Wants To Be a Millionaire Gameshow! It has been a nervous-wreaking moment for the audience and mostly importantly, for our dear Astrobee! His final million dollar question will be…

65daigou Astrobee

“Astrobee, unfortunately you have no more lifeline. This is your last question for a million dollar, if you get this wrong, you will only walk away with $32,000.”

“Ermm, total number of districts in China? Can’t be. Though I am not originated from China, I am sure there are more than 150 district in China”

“65 employers?! We are serving more than 600,000 customers and I do not think 65 employers are enough for that”

“I have been delivering parcel back and forth every day and I am sure there are over 130+ collection points in Singapore.”

“Singapore code number, SINGAPORE CODE NUMBER OF COURSE! My final answer, D. Confirm D and log it in.

Astrobee 65daigou

For those who was wondering what exactly ‘65’ stands for, yes, it represent our homeland, Singapore! Independent on 09th of August 19‘65’, country code +65.

5 years ago when we were deciding our corporate name and identity, we did brainstorm a few names. Here’s some names we thought of and like to share with you.

  • 65TAOBAO

Well, we finally voted of “65daigou” and here we are! 5 years old, growing fast and mighty, always motivated to BUY THE WORLD FOR YOU!

Yours sincerely,
65daigou team

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