Welcome to the new 65daigou.com!

65daigou Taobao Shopping

Dear valued customers,

We are pleased to announce that a new version of 65daigou has been officially released! The new version is designed for better browsing and shopping experience, with more cost-saving benefits and an enhanced reward system. Here’re some key features that we wish to introduce today:

1. Partner shops and Cash Rebates
The name speaks for itself, so how this would benefit you? 

You receive up to 12% shopping rebates or enjoy FREE domestic shipping from over 100 merchants. Check out partner shops and their rebates at http://www.65daigou.com/China/PartnerShop! As for the rebates, you can use them to pay for anything, just like your Prepay value. Click here to read more details about rebates.

2. EZ Checkout
If you are unfamiliar with choosing from Shanghai and Guangzhou receiving warehouse, you will definitely love this! 

Leave “Warehouse” blank when adding items into shopping cart. Upon checkout, we’ll estimate total domestic shipping fee & duration for you. The best arrangement isshortest duration with lowest domestic shipping fee if items are shipped from various sellers to a nearer warehouse accordingly. You can make this SMART arrangement by just one click during checkout. 

PS: Shipping to different warehouse doesn’t mean higher international shipping fee, because since 10th September, we charge based on a flat rate per 500g (no more base charge)! This means your items reach you cheaper and faster!

3. Live Chat
We’ll be there for you when you need us.

When you need an immediate reply but it’s not convenient for you to call our hotline, reach us via Live Chat! We have passionate, cheerful, patient local customer service crew to attend your live enquiries from Mon – Sat, 10am – 6pm.

Yes, we’ve planned more for you! 

How about 10% off shipping fee, for ALL shipping methods from ALL countries, including Buy-For-Me (daigou) & Ship-For-Me (forwarding) orders.

This should be giving you enough motivation to start purchasing now!

For daigou service, as long as orders are submitted and paid during 21st – 26th October, 11pm.
For forwarding service, as long as the item arrive in our China/TW/USA warehouse before 5th Nov, your orders will enjoy the discount.

You will always need some dessert after the main course, right?

Here it comes:

  • Buy-For-Me & Ship-For-Me service now available for China, Taiwan & USA
  • Receive 400 credits when you complete your profile (under My Setting) & link your Facebook account
  • S$5 face value agent fee voucher will be available for redemption
  • Besides rating our service, you will be able to rate & share products and receive additional credits very soon
  • EZ-Setting is implemented to provide more customized service
  • Brand new Cost-Calculator that supports Buy-For-Me & Ship-For-Me from 3 countries and provides you a good range of weight reference. It’s now easier to use and we will continue to improve it with more product references.

Hope you’ve got something in mind to buy now, enjoy shopping, enjoy playing with the new features.

If you encounter any issues, feedback to us and click “Back to the old version” to continue your shopping.

Thank you very much for your support. We appreciate your feedback given during the beta launch. Sorry for not being to reply you one by one, but everything is well-recorded, we will try our best to fix bugs while putting your suggestions in our future plans.

Yours sincerely,
65daigou team

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