Cheaper Revised Shipping Rates

This is probably gonna be the best day of your shopping life with us cos we’ve done something so unexpected and revolutionary that the office folks are still reeling in shock.

(Trust me, I saw a couple of high-5s happening when our CEO announced this news at our internal meeting.)

Starting from 10 Sep 2014, you will only pay your parcel based on a flat rate per every 500g. That’s right – no more first 500g charge!

You no longer have to accumulate more items to get the most out of your shipping. Read more here for rates from China & Taiwan; here for US.

*The new shipping rate takes effect from 10 Sep, in other words, you can start submitting new orders. As long as they arrive in Singapore from 10 Sep onwards, you’ll enjoy the new rate!

That’s not all, we’ll also be rolling out some other pretty awesome stuff this month. We’re so excited and you’ll have to keep a look out for our next announcements.

We wish we could tell you more…

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