How to purchase from Taobao / 65daigou

How to purchase from Taobao?

Yes,i heard of 65daigou,but i do not know how to use…

We are here to teach you!

Purchasing with us is simple and easy, let us show you the step 🙂

You can click on the image to enlarge it for better view.

1) Register an account with us at


2) Copy the Link of the product you wish to purchase.


3) Paste it at our EZ-BUY bar.


4) Fill in the details when our system pop-up with the item you want.


5) System had successfully capture your items with your specification.


6) Confirm your item details again before clicking Check Out.


7) You can choose to buy Insurance for your items if you want to 🙂


8) After clicking Check Out,click the Submit button upon confirmation of your shipping method.


9) You will be prompt to top up your Pre-Pay account if there’s insufficient amount inside for payment.


10) Choose your preferred payment method. Via Internet banking,ATM transfer,Credit Card or Paypal.

An SMS will be send to you once your top up is successful


11) Click OK.


12) Our team will verify your amount within 24hr


13) Click on My Payment at the side bar to make payment for your order once the amount had been verify and updated in to your Pre-Pay account.


14) Click My Order to track your order status


15) All orders that had reach our China Warehouse can be view under My Shipment.

You will have to submit your shipment for shipping to Singapore via here.


16)You can track your shipment under My Parcel.

Once it reach Singapore,click on Arrange Delivery to choose your collection method.


There are two payments for every purchase:

1st Payment

Product Payment = Product costs + China domestic shipping fee

Paid when you check out shopping cart.

2nd Payment

Service Payment = International shipping fee + agent fee + home delivery(optional) + insurance(optional)

paid when your parcel arrives in Singapore

Need more help?

Contact us at : or 6567 8880 (Mon-Sat, 10am to 6pm)

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